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12/5/2006 5:59:47 PM

NIMA Found MPL on Mars 2001 (NASA Denied, then Agreed, then Denied etc.)

A "Blast from the Past";

"Director of Central Intelligence Annual Report of the United States Intelligence Community (2001)

In supporting other national needs, NIMA was successful in finding the
missing NASA MARS Polar Lander (MPL) on Mars. NASA requested NIMA's
involvement after communications with the MPL could not be re-established
following its entry into the Martian atmosphere. NIMA's painstaking analysis of
the MPL landing area, covering 667 kilometers, resulted in the MPL being found."

My whole (LENGTHY) saga of the MPL is intriguing, for any interested. There are Lies, lies and more lies. NSA (NIMA) Vs. NASA "Wars". Hell, there is even an "Assassination". Wild and strange stuff...

By S.Wood

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subject: NIMA Found MPL on Mars 2001 (NASA Denied, then Agreed, then Denied etc.)

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12/5/2006 6:01:05 PM

Weblink to CIA Report 2001;


12/12/2006 8:07:02 PM

If it were not for the NSA and their control, certain individuals at NASA would have DEFINATELY came foward with who knows what kind of releases on the many "encounters" that they have had. Anyone with half a brain and two eyes can look at footage like the STS-75 mission(tether incident) for example and can CLEARLY see that there are, well....UFO's....everywhere.....thousands of them.

Some measured to be at least 3 miles wide and are only visable through ultra-violet camera lighting....which just also so happens to be out of the humans visual perception range and NASA just so happened to be filming with guess what? An ultra-violet camera....suprise, suprise, aye? That means that they are INVISIBLE to the naked human eye. So, to try and just simply pass events like this off as "space debris" or "ice particles" in front of the lens of an ultra-violet camera is a direct insult to even the mind of most average children for crying out loud.

As for the Mars polar lander, there is just no telling what or whom in fact may really be on the red planet. Yes we want to know the truth, at least some of it, but I often ask myself, "well if I did know the whole story....would I really then still want to"? You know what I mean?

I truly think that you can at least sum up the reason for at least SOME of the secrecy in a statement made by Tommy Lee Jones in the movie "Men in Black"....I'm serious, lol. He said "A PERSON can handle the truth, but PEOPLE (he of course means as a whole) are dumb, stupid and uncontrollable animals, and you know it."

I really think that sums it up. Yes, there are PLENTY of INDIVDUALS who can deal with whatever the truth may be, good or bad, but society as a whole would breakdown literally overnight. It would be BEYOND anarchy. So slow, controlled releases that are left to the receivers own discretion is the ONLY RATIONAL way an eventual FULL disclosure can, over time, be revealed.

So, despite our own, and very well founded anger towards the "non-disclosure"....there is probably a number of VERY good reasons for keeping a lid on some of this.

  Replies 1 - 2 (out of 2 total)

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