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Rosemary K. Morrison
12/4/2003 9:38:31 AM

Are UFOs Real?

I believe that UFOs are real why wouldn't they be? Why else would so many people be seeung them and getting abducted by them if they weren't real?
Our Government and Military know that they are real,why else would they continue to blind fold the public about them not existing and covering them up? Why lie about something that doesn't exist?
If you really want to know where that UFO that crashed in Roswell , N.M back on July 1947 is hidden at now search in the Bellwood General Defence in Virginia in area 61. They won't get back to you though,I've tried.

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subject: Are UFOs Real?

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4/22/2006 10:14:48 AM

of course ufos are real. Out of all these accounts from people some of them must be real. Some accounts are given by intelligent people so why would they lie about what should be a serious and believable subject? it is clear that ufos are oftenly seen and many people do see them. ive never seen one myself but i would love to see one.

  Replies 1 - 1 (out of 1 total)

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