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4/1/2007 3:45:56 AM

UFO Encounter / Photos

Back in 1969, I had an encounter with a landed UFO, but in all these years since not even a sighting.

However, the Friday before last I was processing some old digital photos I had taken last August while reading a ferry from Edmonds to Kingston Washington.

I was playing with Paintshop Pro trying to improve some that were not so good, straighten straight water lines, etc.

One I had taken just as we left the ferry dock and it was bland so I used the "clarify" function which selectively increases brightness in dark areas and selectively increases contrast in low contrast areas.

This brings out cloud detail better.

As it happens, it also brings out low contrast UFOs! One of the photos to the north has a UFO in it. It's not a saucer it's more of a spherical UFO of some sort.

At first I thought I had really got an alien craft on film, cool. But then I thought we were just pulling out of the dock, and these boats have 16,000 horsepower, perhaps it had actually kicked up a droplet of water as the portal on the car deck.

The following Monday I went down to Richmond Beach in Shoreline (near where I live), and took a number of pictures, and when I got back and processed them, again, two of them captured an object that, if not the same object, was unmistakably very similar to the object I photographed last August.

So at this point I don't know what these are but I know reasonably well what they are not. They're not a bird, a plane, a helicopter, a kite, a digital artifact, a form of balloon or blimp that is recognizable to me.

I don't know for sure that it's not a balloon. I've never seen a weather balloon high in the atmosphere where the helium has expanded to fill it completely.

I don't know, it's an unidentified flying object in the literal sense. Take a look and tell me if it is anything familiar.


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