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subject: WHO THINKS LIKE ME THAT ALL LIFE ON EARTH CREATED BY E.Ts with very advanced sience?

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7/10/2008 5:41:19 PM

I don't know if I buy the whole 'Ancient Astronaut' thing. When you really think about the ancient pictographs that some point to as evidence of ET visitation, I find them not very convincing. They could be a primitive depiction of some natives dancing around in an elaborate headgear, and nothing more. We could be reading something into it that's just not there. BUT, when you move up the time line 40K years, to the Middle Ages, you find depictions of what modern humans would call "Flying Saucers," in paintings from that period. You have to ask yourself why would anyone put something in a painting of an otherwise religions nature if they had not seen it themselves, or had it described to them? Why???? So noone knows how long ET has been visiting earth, but he's been here one hell of a long time. As far as live on earth being created by ET goes I'd call it ...balderdash. All the evidence points to life evolving HERE on earth with NO outside influence. Maybe SOME of the building blocks for life came from outer space, on a comet or such, but life evolved HERE and no place else.

  Replies 11 - 11 (out of 11 total)

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