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1/3/2004 2:19:51 AM


not everyone who agrees that an alien species is studying or visiting earth are hamrfull and mutilate cows, make crop circles and abduct humans to wipe there memory with there advanced technology..

i dont believe this has happened, yet i dont deny it.
to believe is to have an open mind,just because you disagree doesnt mean its impossible..or because i believe it is possible, that is has already happened, or that it is going to, or already has..

just that the possiblilty is there.
if you think people report theyve bin abducted or see 'flying saucers' for attention and publicity heh what about those cave drawings of flying saucers or those old scripts that read about how 'airships picked thier people up' and 'flew away forever'..old paintings with ufos in the background..wall drawings hundreds and hundreds of yrs old of disc shaped objects in the sky..was it a cloud, a light reflection, something in his eye an airplane..no..there are many drawings and personal notes takin by respectfull and intellegent people who have encountered such things..

if im seeming one sided here let me explain..i believe aliens are here as much as i believe they couldnt be but as an enthusiasts i take details old and new facts and unravel what i personally think is happening..this is for fun and might or might not be my real opinion.
i imagine that an enormous civilization such as ours is studying this planet because or our rich mineral element and water source?if we stumbled upon a civilization that was around 1500 years away from figuring out galaxy traveling, do you think our high powers would want to contact them directly knowing they would want answers just crash land there ship into that planet and give away thier technology, no that was an accident on thier part, probably a minor detached ship conducting minor tests experiments or whatever..i do think that our planet is rare but there are very close others like it relatevly close..if the government lets it out that we have this technology, maybe literally that species obliterate us because of our finding,the governments excuse is for security purposes and they dont want the public in dismay, but really maybe its much more.it wouldnt be much to take in now that we have tv and in reality see horrifying things that are real.maybe the reaosn is because if the population of this planet knew, other alien planets and other advanced species would know this as well because the government really has proof that we are being surveyed and watched but cant really do anything about it, sitting ducks..imaginative hey..who knows..if im right you all owe me 5 bucks and ill handle that advanced propulsion thingy ..haha

i think its insane(no offence) to think that we are the only civilization on one planet in one solar system in one galaxy full of thousands of stars in one universe full of millions of galaxies..it seems more possible that there are other planets that harbour civilizations like ours less or more advanced, i dunno..

light speed travel may hold the answer to these questions..untill then we may never know how to move cross galaxies in hours

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subject: believers

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1/3/2004 9:44:02 AM

In 1998, Steven Weinberg of the NY Times Book Review wrote this about Kuhn's landmark book, The Structure of Sceientific Revolutions (1962):

... Structure describes the history of science as a cyclic process. There are periods of "normal science" characterized by what Kuhn sometimes called a "paradigm" and sometimes called a "common disciplinary matrix." Whatever you call it, it describes a consensus view: in the period of normal science, scientists tend to agree about what phenomena are relevant and what constitutes an explanation of these phenomena, about what problems are worth solving and what is a solution of a problem. Near the end of a period of normal science a crisis occurs--experiments give results that don't fit existing theories, or internal contradictions are discovered in these theories. There is alarm and confusion. Strange ideas fill the scientific literature. Eventually there is a revolution. Scientists become converted to a new way of looking at nature, resulting eventually in a new period of normal science. The "paradigm" has shifted.

Of course, the term "paradigm shift" is familiar to all of us. With reference to UFOs and ufology, I suspect that we are experiencing one now, and therein lies our interest and confusion. Perhaps UFOs and ufology make up part of a "gateway" that will lead us to some more sophisticated understanding of our reality??? Stay tuned . . . !

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1/5/2008 11:16:28 AM

Its just me but I don't believe ANYONE has ever been abducted by aliens.It seems so absurd to me.If a civilization which appears to be this far in advanced over our own in perhaps thousands or even millions of years ahead of us,it makes no sense to abduct a human.Think about it.What does a civilization need to know about ancient beings like us?What advancement could they possibly learn from us?NONE,thats what.

1/6/2008 1:19:01 PM

what are you talking about. why dont YOU think about it.
Humans study the behaviour and all that crap of animals that live on this planet. we disect them to learn more about how they live. aliens do the same to us. we are the animals up for study

  Replies 1 - 3 (out of 3 total)

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