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5/21/2007 7:41:47 AM

Are UFOs Real?

Yes, I saw one large black triangle "ship" 100-200 feet over my sister in-laws house and there were people inside (not "greys" or some other species), dressed in black, looking down in our direction. This was a summer evning about 6:30. There was no noise as it passed over toward the West. I don't understand why people don't want to believe they are real.

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subject: Are UFOs Real?

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6/23/2007 12:08:59 AM

I saw a UFO in broad daylight, and at closest distance it was no more than 150 feet away. I felt no sense of danger or menace. It did not communicate with me. This was a rare type, very well disguised as a large meteorite. In other words, it was spheroid, and pitted and there was a green aura flickering around it, as if it were burning up. It flew very slowly, perhaps 15 mph, maintaining a constant height from the ground and a constant. Overhead, it made an abrupt turn to the South (it had come out of the West), and soon disappeared over the horizon. No one else in my family happened to be outside at the moment, and it was totally silent, a common characteristic of UFOs. It had no windows or aerials. According to the papers the next day, it was seen over a wide area of Texas and Oklahoma. This must have been about 1950.

The best scientific proof I know of of the reality of UFOs as the craft of star-traveling humanoids of every size and color is found in THE HUMANOIDS, ed. Charles Bowen, published 1969. These are all encounters with landed UFOs and occupants around it, gathering samples, making tests or whatever. If you Google Humanoids, you will find I think that some chapters of this book are free on-line. The book itself is long out of print and a valuable rare book.


6/23/2007 6:19:58 PM

Dr. Humphrey:

Long time no see! I used to correspond with you a couple of years ago or
maybe even longer. I was using another name at the time. How is everything
in the great state of Oklahoma? Have you authored anymore books? I believe
you were in the process of publishing another book a couple of years ago.
Wasn't the name of one of your books "Leaping Lightyears" or do I have the
name wrong? Sorry if I do. You also were a member on another forum for a
short time until certain folks decided to verbally attack you for whatever reason.
I hope to hear more from you on this forum. It has diversified somewhat.


9/2/2007 1:33:46 PM

UFOS are real. Last week I saw a UFO cluster in the sky. It consisted of 6 sphreres. They were travelling in the opposite direction and as I watched they got further and further away until I could see them no longer. Shortly afterwards I saw a single sphrere moving around at about 100 feet off the ground. This was all in broad daylight in a town called Herne Bay in Kent, England. I wish I had my camera on me because the photos would have been amazing. The UFOs are the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I have photographed UFOs on 2 occasions. One of which were lights moving around in the sky at about 7 am. Anyone who says that UFOs arent real are total idiots

1/26/2008 10:17:55 AM

If in fact UFOs are not real, as the media and government would have us believe, then why wouldn't they simply show us the satellite images from the areas mentioned from Stephensville? It is obvious that we now have the technology to monitor the planet at all times. If a private individual can view images for free over the internet at any location in the world (Google Earth), surely the U.S. government has the technology to view UFO's at any given moment.

2/11/2008 12:53:50 PM

You Know I believe in UFO, But all these people talk about being right next to one in one but no photo's evidence. I mean 10,000 of 10,000 of people say they saw them, or have been the victims of multiple abduction but no photo's i mean if you get abducted every night like some say you would set up a camera and the doesn't work move on to the next idea apparently they aren't going any where. All these claims and crazy stories take away form the real truths real stories and makes anybody who truly believes a laughing stock in mainstream world. It takes credit from good sources, turns something they say to shrug of like the rest by the mainstream. Like Pilots, Nasa, presidents Ford saw one, and Nixon gave a startling speech to all the UN leaders with the Russia president on the right of him. Talking about aliens and how the aliens are among us said aliens like 20 times in 3 minutes then put his hands up and did his famous quotation figures and said "the aliens among us is war" and left( you must search for this clip I saw it on history channel so surf their website for it i tried but could find ) Their are a bunch of different type's of good sources. but sorry for this guy i just can't believe him ,that he was that close too a huge 200 ft black triangle with people inside not aliens with what he gave . I mean their wasn't a camera in your sisters house their are 2 in my 1st floor of my house right now alone. why would you be so lucky to see this do you live on the mountains above area 51(believe it has moved) how about do you live next Paterson air base. can you support you claim at all

2/16/2008 5:53:53 PM

ufo's are real, but a reality of what?
There are so many types of saucers and aliens -- why?

I think ufo's are vital energies that support life in the universe. However, mankind has chosen to ignore these vital energies. And so soon the vital energies will choose to ignore mankind! Meaning they won't support our mad ways anymore.

See my topic under the general board 'the binary code'.

A ufo event is a symbollic meaning for the witness or witnesses.

A color grey speaks of fear: as if little grey aliens.

These "aliens" reflect the state of madness of ourselves. The object is to try and get us to notice how weird our ways are. If they can get us to notice our own madness, then the belief is that we will try to change and improve and become sane people.

Thus its import to reflect upon a ufo event and remember all the details, even colours and compass directions of flight.

People who are chosen are the one's they think have a great chance to change and improve, and stop being actors.

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