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5/29/2007 4:23:35 PM

ufo are real there are too many witnesses

ufo are real as too many people have seen them and then there are all these reports of the world governments not being totally honest and upright with everyone about contact with ufo's. ufo's could be other civilizations coming here to get a glimpse of us and see how we are progressing. how do we know that our earth does not send out vibrations throughtout space that lets other advanced technological civilizations know how far advanced we really are, if they wanted to conquer us they would have done that a long time ago, we could well be their creation and they are coming to check upon us and see how well we are progressing. Also all the advancements in technological and science have come a very very long way in a very short time, is there help from other civilizations through telepathic messages of how to do things, was star wars a telepathic message creation? i think that when we expoloded the bomb in wwii that sent a vibration through space that let other advanced civilizations know that we were advancing up the rungs of the ladder, so they now come to keep tabs on us. in many places that are situated out in the boondocks far from cities, ufo's could land and take samples of soil, atmosphere, conduct experimetns, etc without anyone knowing about it. i think that there has been contact with the world governments and ufo's but it cannot be released to civilization due to the fall of established relieigon and a very big jolt to our civilization that some feel we may not be able to handle, but i think that the world is slowly waking up and will demand that contact be made.

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