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1/4/2004 11:18:20 AM

Fear and loss of control drives debunkers

I witnessed a ufo in November 2003 which was not man made. It was not a figment of my beautiful mind. The advanced technology of this ufo is not being utilized by any of our military or private organizations.

I suspect that most debunkers have never witnessed a ufo and if they did would be unable to acknowledge it because of FEAR. Some humans are unable to deal with any subject that would put their life in jeopardy. Well, wake up and smell the coffee, little scared rabbits - nobody gets out of here alive. UFO's exist and visit our planet regularly. I have no clue why they find us so interesting but I suspect they have very little interest in a human with so much fear they wouldn't acknowledge reality if it slapped them in the face. Have you ever heard of fainting goats? They are as pathetic as all the verbose debunkers running around screaming "it ain't true, it can't be true".

I suspect we will all get a huge awakening very soon and you know what? It will be worth it in some ways just to prove to you scared little goats what thousands have been saying for thousands of years. Human beings are not superior.

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Doc Allen
1/4/2004 8:21:29 PM

HighHorse313, I agree with you 100%...

6/11/2004 1:11:24 AM

On the contrary.

It seems that most new age UFO people feel the need to believe in UFOs because they fear the reality of ever day life. They need a savior from the outside, and in this day and age of space travel UFOs are the best thing.

"Debunkers" don't disbelieve in UFOs because they are part of some big government conspiracy, trying to control the masses, but because there is simply not enough evidence. The changes, should aliens exist is very slim that they would've ever detected this earth. Light only moves so fast... Most beings in the galaxy (should they exist) will not know of our civilization for awhile. Even the nearer stars, which would see our civilization would probably not be able to reach us in time, even traveling at lightspeed.

They couldn't even detect our tale-tail radio waves for very long time.

Thats not to mention the fact that it would be quite difficult to find our planet... And the preperations for such an enourmous journey would be quite daunting.

We have searched for radio signals in all of the nearest stars...

Which leaves many extremely distant stars. Maybe 200,000 years from now we will detect an alien civilization, or they detect us (maybe they already have). But that is just pure speculation, assuming that in all this vast space they find us.

I'm not denying that there could be life out in the universe. It is an awesomely huge place. But are they already here? I don't believe so... And until more conclusive discoveries are made, I will have to conclude with a resounding "no", as would many others.

6/11/2004 4:14:23 AM

Highorse is nearer to the truth. Generally, people in our society do not want to acknowldge that aliens are here. They instinctively fear the idea, not only because of the potential physical threat but because of the likely effect such a revelation would have on current beliefs they cherish. Far advanced aliens are a potential threat to the status quo, and most people do not want to believe in them. Government debunkers/disinformers ensure the status quo is preserved. As for the supposed reasons for doubting aliens are here, they reflect our very limited understanding of space travel and limited knowledge of the Galaxy/Universe. Recent experiments indicate the potential feasibility of teleporting things at much faster than light speed.

6/11/2004 4:49:47 AM

This is the most ridiculous line of logic i have ever heard. Just because i dont believe in something doesnt mean that i am AFRAID of it, it simply means that i do not yet have enough evidence to believe in it yet....I do not believe in Big Foot either, and if someone tries to tell me he exists, i will voice my view on the matter, and explain why i feel i am right. It does not mean i FEAR Big Foot. as for aliens, i would LIKE to believe aliens are visiting this planet, yet i have seen to compelling evidence to make me believe this. Me believing that UFO's exist now on the evidence available would be just as DUMB as me believing Bush when he said there were WMD in Iraq, prior to the Iraq War. I am not gonna believe something based on a few peoples opinions, a few grainy photos, some hokey staged videos, and one or two lights moving around oddly in the sky. All of that is NOT a justifiable reason to believe that beings from another planet are visiting us.

6/11/2004 9:00:36 AM

Current, publicly known evidence for aliens arriving here may not be "compelling" but it is adaquate for belief. There has been landing trace evidence, countless reports, at least one case of a jet which vanished while chasing a UFO, and confiscation/coverup of the Roswell evidence etc. Unlike bigfoot, advanced aliens have the potential to vastly alter the status quo even if they do no physical harm. That is what motivates the coverup, and causes some people to prefer not to believe.

6/11/2004 11:26:12 PM

I do believe there is a yet undiscovered North American ape though :-P. But that is for a different forum :-D.

6/14/2004 10:59:43 PM

To those who have extreme doubt ...answer this question.... Why would we have space exploration if our government has doubts of alien life form? Why would we spend countless billions of dollars if NOTHING is out there? YES VIRGINIA...THERE ARE BEINGS OUTSIDE OF OUR WORLD.
Most of us here know a supreme being (God and his son Jesus) and we aren't looking for a savior because we already know him. What we ARE 'looking' for are his OTHER creations whether more or less advanced than the human species.
Each of us have a talent and are creative in various ways. Why would our Supreme Being, God, stop with our creation?Jesus said his father had many mansions. Any way you interpret 'mansions' it is in the plurel...meaning MORE than ONE.

6/14/2004 11:15:03 PM

Sterling W. Sill
“We can imagine beauty, luxury, and elegance that would cost billions of dollars, but Paul says that it has never even entered into man's heart the things that God has prepared for those who love him. And while we cannot imagine the glories of heaven, yet I think that we ought to try. We should also try to imagine what kind of people will live there. The scriptures speak of God's glory.
John 14:2 In my Father’ s house are many mansions.

6/14/2004 11:39:46 PM

Although I think Mr. Sill had some affiliation with the Morman religion and I'm not of that faith, the above posting is something I can agree upon. We all have some similiarities in our faith and there are some things we can basicly agree upon.
We should all agree there is much we have to learn in physics, not all things are black and white, and there comes a time we have to agree to disagree or even compromise. It's nearly impossible to convince someone a point if they are unable to to break down whatever barriers are locked in their reasoning. It's like trying to build a house with no plans, no tools and no material, yet even if these things are available it still can't be done without knowledge in how to use each....and...even with the knowledge one has to be open to the entire vision in how it all comes together in order to make progress.

6/14/2004 11:55:25 PM


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