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subject: Fear and loss of control drives debunkers

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6/15/2004 5:38:58 AM

There's a lot of evidence to support the idea that some UFOs are alien spacecraft. It's not just lights in the sky moving oddly. We're talking about daytime sightings of silver discs seen by thousands of people in large cities. Military officers who are trained to distinguish aircraft and have reported seeing things they can't explain. They describe silver discs during the day upclose, not lights at night that are miles away. If peoples' eyewitness accounts aren't valid then astronomers' observations of the Universe can't be taken seriously either. Because they have no proof of their claims either, only their observations and theories as to what they are seeing.

6/18/2004 4:47:21 PM

Many of those large scale sightings of "silvery disks" are quite interesting... no doubts there.

They need to be researched further. What I'm seeing in many of these large scale sightings are a natural phenomena, earthlights. I come to that hypothesis because these "UFOs" often appear very close to areas that have very violent siesmic, or volcanic upheavels... Sometimes before a volcano erupts or an earthquake.

Strange lights have been reported in the sky even during ancient times, and some felt a connection between those lights and great catastrophies that followed.

These hot gasses being released from the earth would often make bright glows in the sky, as the hot gasses came in contact with the air.

In the day time, these gases would often look metalic, with a dull glow about them. Depending on the air currents, these natural phenomena could exhibit many of the things unlookers allege of alien craft. Such as slowly rising out of the water, and zipping off quickly.

There may be a connection between earthlights and UFO encounters. There seems to be a very strong link between events that CAUSE earthlights, and UFOs. There should definitely be further research into both phenomena, and see if they proove to be the same, or if these disks can only be of extra terrestrial origin.

But assuming that extraterrestrials are visiting this planet due to a few mass sightings on strange objects in the sky would be a blunder in UFO research. There are other explanations for these strange objects... the extraterrestrial one is just a more compelling answer for many people.

6/18/2004 5:03:36 PM

My above post may sound absurd to many people... Sort of like the "Swamp gas" explanation.

However, as I pointed out, there is a link to these sightings and natural earthly phenomena. We should not so quickly overlook the earthly answer and assume these are extraterrestrial craft.

Ofcourse, these earthlights can't stand up to very close scrutiny, so these would only account for the *somewhat* close mass sightings. The mass sightings in Mexico city are a good example of possible earthlights.

Whether you believe in God or not, it should not be a matter of debate (unlike religious things) if we were to find proof of alien existance. It will be hard fact, and not something of debate.

It is important that we learn more about our solar system and the universe we live in... We would all like to know that there are other intellegent lifeforms out there, but even if there are NOT, we still will learn very important things by studing our universe. Ultimately... our future is out there.

I think that if microbes on Mars are discovered it will draw many people to the conclusion that most likely, there are other lifeforms outside of our solar system, and other intellegent lifeforms elsewhere.

But until that happens, we can only speculate on the matter of life outside of earth. Without a second example of life, we can just as likely be staring at a universe full of life, as it is for us to staring at a universe devoid of life.

6/18/2004 8:00:07 PM

These things bother me.I have seen more than my share and wonder why.I think more should worry mainly the people we trust to keep us safe.

6/18/2004 8:33:33 PM

Moo Moo,

They discovered evidence of fossil life in meteorites from Mars a few years back. What's interesting is that the Rover and Spirit do not have *Life-Detection* equipment on board. Therefore, the discovery that water once existed on Mars cannot verify whether there was or is life there now! I think that's very curious that they did not include this type of equipment on these current Mars probes, don't you? Maybe they prolong the disclosure so that they are ensured of getting more funding to sustain their research?? Something else to make you go Hmmmmmmm..........?


6/18/2004 9:28:18 PM

There's been a great divide over WHAT is actually contained in that meteor.

When first it was examined, many scientists found it to be conclusive proof of life on the Red Planet.

More recently, scientists have been leaning towards the hypthesis that it is probably NOT evidence of life on Mars. Still, some researchers believe it is proof.

I don't have the credentuals, nor have examined the meteor, so I can't decide if it is proof or not.

As usual, I'm going to err on the side of caution, and go with the majority of scientists. Until more conclusive evidence is found, I will conclude that it is probably not proof.

The way Nasa's missions are being run is not due to a conspiracy... But more about funding. That is why its always the NEXT mission.

Nasa's space program just doesn't have the same kind of rivalry anymore, so they are able to take their time with each mission.

Its unfortunate that the Beagle wasn't successful...

Its *possible* we will find evidence of life on Mars before this mission is over. But if not, that doesn't mean life isn't there.... There is always the next mission.

  Replies 11 - 16 (out of 16 total)

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