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7/19/2007 7:29:17 PM

UFO,s are very real and they are our fathers from space called ELOHIM in the first testament in BIBLE,read this and wake up

Hello dear human being,I know right now I am here to help you to awakening and put you in the right track where you suppose tobe,Yes you suppose tobe right now right here and at this moment ,whats happening in the world right now ,are aware?Are you aware that you are not anymore in the middle ages ?Then stop acting like one,because going to church ,sinagoge ,mask
is not going to help you,because this times are over ,we are at most Scientific times of humanity and we should act like that,all the old traditions are over,church and all people fallow they betray Jesus message long time ago ,the hands are full of blood-:))
But I have a great news to those who want to listen and understand,the times of revelation are here and we gotit,we have it among us the promise one which mention in all religions long ago,
Our fathers the ELOHIM waited that humanity reach a littlebit of science and tech level so they can openly revel to us ,Where we coming from ,who really we are and how all life on earth created VERY SCIENTIFICLY,how they could explain that to primitive human beings that they did not have any science ,so they waited for humanity reach EVEN PRIMITIVE LEVEL OF SCIENCE where we are ,and here is the secret that among us for 33 years ,go to this web site
www.rael.org and try to understand if you dont thennnn dont worry you wont go to hell-:))
The mesanger of the ELOHIM the massiah is here living among us for some time and doing the job that been promise by ELOHIM,he will be understood by the open mind intelligent people,and has nothing todo with how many diplomas you have,ELOHIM are 25000 years ahead of us ,you think your diploma can help here-:)))
Dont forget you been noticed and given the good news( www.rael.org ) simple
We called RAELIANS we are the ones who are helping him to spread the good news and raise the councesnes level of humanity,
The ufo,s that everybody talking about or more then 100 million people see them,they are the ELOHIM ,butt they are not interfering in our life,they just monitoring the earth and making sure for thousands of years that no cosmic accident can happen to us, earth,they love us because we are their master peace ,
You can read the MESSAGES OF ELOHIM by downloading the book INTELLIGENT-DESIGN for free from www.rael.org
One of 144000
Note=sorry for my poor English,but thats not the issue,what is important is the message not the messanger

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7/20/2007 7:44:33 AM

And what was the message?


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