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Tom Sutter
12/6/2003 8:50:18 AM

ET's exist - Crop Circle Design Analysis Proves This.

Crop circles are schematical drawings depicting "soon-to-be" innovated devices that we are in sore need of. Such as other methods of propulsion and how to derive our energy needs from common water instead of oil. Here is my website; you decide for yourselves. That information could only come from a society more advanced then ours. - Tom Sutter http://imageevent.com/cropcirclerational/cropcirclesdecoded

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subject: ET's exist - Crop Circle Design Analysis Proves This.

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Watcher & Thinker
9/23/2004 10:08:35 PM

Any person with some acumen and imagination needs study this information. Congratulations Tom for being the one to clarify what our friends are saying to us.
The ones who need to see will see.. and this process is acelerating rapidly. What once took decades to move into general knowledge now occurs in weeks. Very exciting and encouraging.. and how despertae the earths need is for it... as seems to be indicted in thier increasing communication.

9/24/2004 5:11:00 AM

I will watchfully wait for the first crop-circle inspired device to appear, but I do not intend to hold my breath while waiting. I think we would be much more successful at inventing such devices if we didn't spend so much time coming up with beautiful but ultimately pointless ways to kill wheat.


Scott Elliot
9/24/2004 6:28:45 AM

Great collection of crop circle incidents. Its shocking to see so many different designs from the ones I have previously seen. What ever happened to the patiented Centrifugal Electromagnetic Propulsion Machine? Did it work?

frank carpenter
9/24/2004 2:20:36 PM

The guy does deserve respect for what he is doing so enthusiastically and with so much attention for details ..., but "proof"? Come on.

How many people actually see those circles, I wonder? Perhaps 0.00001% of the population? What is the point in passing on sophisticated information using an ephemeral medium? And why do they expect farmers and people doing crop-dusting to sit down in the evening after a long day and work out the mechanics of these supposed whatever-trons?

  Replies 1 - 4 (out of 4 total)

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