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1/15/2008 10:42:41 PM

Abducted people????

I DO believe we are being visited by more intelligent beings from (who knows where) but I dont buy the "I was abducted"idea.I find it hard to believe they had to abduct more and more people like the reports keep pouring in.I just think it is hard to believe an intelligent race would need to abduct more and more people to learn what we are made of.

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1/20/2008 3:59:19 PM

I know that you find it hard to believe that this day and age people are being abducted and slaughtered by certain group of hostile Aliens but it's true. The whole Government machine has total control with the leak of critical information, information that they simply do not want to you to have access to.

Look at the incident that happened recently on CNN media machine , the reports of Alien space crafts in Texas , credible reports of Alien activity.

The so called expert dismissing the facts and the truth. He simply said all those innocent farmers are idiots and what they saw was swamp gas. O.K. a big 1300ft Alien Spacecraft hovering less than 300ft above the ground just swamp gas , please , how stupid do you expect us to be?.
The Conspiracy is very real , the lies are very real and we truly are living on dangerous times and the overall Alien Agenda , Humans should wake up and smell the coffee before they get sent to underground death camps. We are living on borrowed time.

the _bright_and_morning_star
7/22/2008 7:35:12 PM

i believe i will be abducted! along with a bunch of others who believe.

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