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1/24/2008 3:06:07 PM

physical characteristics of abductees

Over the past year or so, it has become apparent to me that I am not aging as fast as the majority of my fellow humans. At this point I have no idea whether this is due to my genetic heritage or to the fact that i have always had an inbuilt bullshit detection factor with regard to NWO propaganda, food and pharmaceuticals....or to the fact that the aliens might have altered me in some way.

Just to clarify. I am 48 years old. I have been in contact with aliens since about the age of seven...at least that is when i became aware of them. When I was seven and living in Japan I was abducted from my bedroom by greys who took me aboard their spaceship whereupon i was subjected to an intrusive medical examination. Needless to say that episode changed me from a happy go lucky child to a child filled with fear and anxiety. The next spate of visitations and abductions occurred during my late teens and early twenties.

In 1996...I was again visited aliens. On this occasion I saw their 'space vehicle'...a ball of bright light...descend from above the house. I was sleeping in the lounge room with the curtains open when this light appeared and a beam came out of it and scanned the room ...if you can imagine a beam of light starting and the top and working its way down across the room....

anyway...i am not a health nut...i probably don't do enough exercise...I smoke cigarettes and other substances...i don't drink alcohol however...but the fact is at the age of 48 I still weigh the same as i did when i was a teenager... i still have a flat stomach and a small waist...i don't have any wrinkles at all or sagging skin or other visible signs of aging. I have quick reflexes... i am very agile...with few exceptions most people in my age group seem very old to me....and it is not just because most of them are either overweight or obese...

I would be interested to hear from other abductees on this question of aging and physical degeneration or lack thereof...also eye color...my eyes are blue

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Philip Edwards
1/28/2008 6:00:05 AM


Some of the aliens I met told me they could slow down the process of ageing by manipulating the cell renewal systems of the body, but after 240 years these processes are no longer effective. Duncan O'Finioan who is interviewed at Project Camelot says this young feature is common among certain types of abductee.


1/29/2008 1:51:00 AM

Hello Philip

Thanks for directing me to that site. What a find! I read the interview with Duncan O'Finoan...he makes a passing reference to youthfulness among certain abductees...specifically those who appear to have been recruited by 'the authorities' as psychic child spies...I don't really fit into that category....nevertheless I was intrigued by his Cambodian experience. I was in Cambodia last year for six months. .I lived there with my son and a Khmer friend of mine. We lived in a compound with other Khmer people just down the road from the Royal Palace. It was a fantastic experience. I miss it terribly.

1/29/2008 1:54:10 AM

PS If you've got any more info about the genetic manipulation and cell renewal...let me know... i would be most interested to hear about it.

Philip Edwards
1/29/2008 3:41:25 AM


As you pointed out, the special abductee I mentioned was that of the super soldier program. This involved black operations and there have been many reports of them having extraterrestrial knowledge and technology, perhaps they used ET technology in their super soldier program or maybe they developed their own technology which was similar. In the interview with Duncan O'Finioan and David Corso, they speak of being on a mission in a jungle when possibly ETs were involved.

I am afraid that at this point in time I cannot remember anymore about the alien's technology to make people youthful but I still hope to have hypnosis very soon, hopefully this year. I know it is sickening for me to keep harping on about hypnosis and then not having it but it is due to a lack of money. I also still hope to have a full body scan to look for alien implants.

A poster on these message boards by the name of ONTHEWAYOUT, has in the past written about his experiences in Vietnam, since he has written about it before I hope that he does not mind me mentioning it again. He claimed to have been on a patrol boat when a UFO flew overhead, the authorities tried to hush the incident up. There have been other reports from Vietnam and the local areas about black flying triangles just rising out of the ground. Since you have lived in Cambodia, I wondered if you have remembered the locals speaking of any similar myths or legends. I have just read your post about orbs in Cambodiabut, that was mainly about ghosts.

1/29/2008 4:49:48 AM

Hey Philip

Does it cost that much money to have the scans done? In Australia xrays and ultrasound examinations are partially refunded through the health care system...but you need a referral from a doctor. Is this not the case in America?

As it happens I emailed my Khmer friend just recently on the question of UFO's and ET's. I asked him if he had ever heard of any people being abducted by aliens or seeing a ufo. Among other things i wanted to ascertain what level of awareness the average Khmer has about ET involvement in earthly affairs. anyway...It was not something that had ever crossed his mind...he seemed to be aghast that i would even ask him about such a thing and no he had never heard of anyone being abducted by aliens let alone ever considered it as a possibility.

I was curious because in my readings on the subject I came across some material...and i can't remember where i came across it.... that all of Southeast Asia is under the protection of a benevolent alien race...which would explain why there are so few stories and reports from that part of the world re abductions ETs and or UFO's.

During my stay there I had lost all interest in the subject. I should have made some inquiries but it just never occurred to me. I had other things on my mind i guess.

I am not familiar with OTWO's story. If you are reading this OTWO I would be most interested to hear about your Vietnam/UFO experience.

Philip Edwards
1/30/2008 3:05:20 AM


I live in England not America. I have been to the doctors and asked for a body scan but I was refused, one doctor came right out and said that it might prove the existence of aliens but the main reason I was given is the danger of the radiation involved, which of course is a load of bull. I have had a CT brain scan which was granted by the doctors, this they claim was of normal results but who knows maybe the powers that be are covering something up. All this leaves me with only seeking a private payment body scan, there are two problems with this- 1) I think you still need a doctors okay to have the scan and they cost about 1000. The other problem is 2) I want to xray my nervous system precisely and I think at the moment no such tests are freely available.

Hypnosis costs about 100 pound plus for a one hour session and I would need at least six sessions. Also many hypnotists still refuse to take on alien abduction patients.

1/31/2008 12:26:58 AM

Hi Philip

Apologies for incorrect assumptions re nationality.

Are there any conditions which require a full body scan and a spinal scan and if so could you not suggest to another doctor that you might have such and such a disease because of these certain symptoms....maybe MS....? The doctor might then feel duty bound to order the full range of tests to protect him/herself against possible litigation.

Why do you think you might have an implant....because you suspect it or because you can 'feel' it..also would you get rid of it if you could?

Philip Edwards
1/31/2008 3:44:15 AM


It is a possibility to do what you suggest but it would be difficult to fool a doctor, things may soon change for me though, I am unemployed at the moment but once I get a new job I will save up, I have got my gambling habits under better control and paid off all of my debts. It is more of a hope that I might have a nerve connection implant, the aliens told me they use a synthetic nerve agent to join nerves together and they did dissect me at one point there is a slim chance some of this alien material might be in my body, there have been documentaries where a putty like material was found in alien abductee's bodies but it was not understood what it was for, it is a long shot but perhaps I can prove what the material is and scientists can duplicate it. All very difficult to do when Aliens are classified at a very high level.

Philip Edwards
2/1/2008 4:24:29 AM


The aliens that abducted me were a mixed group, some looked fairly human whilst others looked like characters out of Star Trek. This episode happened when I was under some sort of mind control, I had periods when I was more conscious that others, I hope to learn more with hypnosis. I do not recall seeing any reptile aliens but I do remember asking what types of aliens exist in the universe and one of those aliens did develop from reptiles. I remember joking with an alien saying 'Do you find them munching on your legs when your back is turned,' the alien laughed and said 'No they have learned to eat other things.'

When I was very young, long before I remembered about alien abductions, I used to feel that I had a ghost double, who I called a 'walker,' I sensed it existed in only a certain location, which as it later turned out was one of the locations where I was abducted.

There is some fascinating news about Alien Disclosure, a foreign country has asked the Disclosure Project for advice on how to tell the public about aliens. For more on this see the following website.


2/2/2008 3:38:28 AM

Hi Philip

interesting...I think there is also a trans dimensional aspect to the abduction phenomena which adds to the confusion surrounding it...even to my mind...for example you report feeling the presence of a double when you were younger...i associate out of body experiences with the abductions/visitations...The 'entities' i have encountered seem to be able to move between the physical plane and the 'astral' and I suspect that not all abductions or communications involve the physical body

I shall go and check out that site now...it looks interesting

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