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1/25/2008 10:30:58 PM

Think of a Boomerang Space craft the can travel everywhere

This craft would be 300ft wide and 100ft long and 40ft tall. This ship would have you glued to the ground even in space without flouting like you see when you watch Nasa Astronauts in their space shuttle. You can literally walk around the ship like walking around in your house. The gravity field is generated in the Ship with some kind of amplifier. Launching from the ground of planet Earth would be just a snap of the finger without any G-Force what's so ever. Reaching speeds of incredible range without shock or turbulence. Then once in space the whole ship becomes like see through glass and you can see space , the stars , the Earth and the planets , kind of like just being in a party room only that nobody is dancing and you could hear the sounds of space and the communication of others and the smiles of many.

Can you imagine traveling to other beautiful worlds in just a few hours instead of just a few decades , meeting incredibly beautifu people and a beautiful mega city filled with pyramid type cities with people and a way of life that is totally glorious and incredible.
Then once you had your fun over there you wanted to stay forever but you couldn't , they wouldn't let you and you would have to come back to this planet that is filled with unecessary wars , greed , hunger , hatred , fear and dispair.

This world is beautiful too but it's influenced differently in a more negative light.
There is hope , there always hope for positive change.

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