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J Holmgren
3/20/2004 11:55:28 PM


I posted a message on the regular forum board. Please read it.

I forgot to mention we do have our own breed of Saucers. Ours are more on the line of triangular, and some are saucers, but larger than thiers.

Yes Saucers, and other life forms do exist else where..for someone NOt to believe that has a very low I.Q. or just a closed mind. Having a closed mind does not allow a race of people to advance.

accept the fact that we are NOT ALONE, whether they are here or not doesnt matter. Its the fact the we must conduct ourselves in a manner that preserves us as a race of human beings, and we must learn as we advance into new territories to conduct ourselves with intelligence, along with protecting ourselves when needed.

The Government may be surprised to find out just how many volunteers they might have to fight a war against anyone threatening our existence on Earth.

We are not a mean race of people, just a frustrated race of people because of all the lies and cover ups.

When the Government grows up and notices how many people could support them as long as they tell the truth, i think they would be surprised

Also...if a program was put in place for new technologies development from the average joe, and he recieved a partial payment for his or her ideas, I think we would progress faster that what we are right now, and new ideas would surface to help solve some problems that the Government is having right now with specific technologies they are currently working on in Alamagordo New Mexico, along with the RAND corporation dealing with newer realms of TRAVEL, with and without a ship.

Information does leak out, you just have to know how to find it, and know who to talk to.

I am not the only one prevalent to this information.

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