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douglas graham
12/8/2003 8:19:18 PM

Are UFOs real?

The accumulation of material on the subject defy a denial of the reality of UFOs. In my own living I've seen unusual aerial phenomena, including two objects that flew low and slow to see. In my first experience I became aware of my own mind, seemingly working independently to figure an explanation for what my eyes were seeing. I was a bystander of sorts, seeing, yet incapable of rendering an explanation for myself. So, my mind took over attempting to come up with an answer to satisfy its own need to know.

With my own experience in view it's easy to understand the doubt some have on UFOs as a reality. I saw, yet was preoccupied with a process of my mind attempting to offer an alternate explanation rather than coming to terms with what I was seeing. Are UFOs real? There are many people who are so entrenched in ordinary reality it's not likely they will ever entertain the subject with any degree of acceptance. UFOs for some are like is God real for others, the subject involves infathomable mystery, it conjures imagining that are outside the bounds of a mind that is encased in conformity to the established view of the creation. Even religious people, who will acknowledge the existence of spirit presences often are unable to make the connection with the possibility of other forms of intelligent life in our universe. UFOs represent a dimension of relaity that will require a quantum leap for many to come to terms with in their view of reality. UFOs do exist, the issue is whether what's known to be true becomes a legacy that all men will someday embrace.

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5/13/2006 8:29:23 PM

Mankind will never embrace UFOs as real. Even though it is in Mankind's Nature to believe in the Unexplained, the government leaders of the free world will hide the existance of UFOs, and corrupt scientists who can't think outside the box will put witnesses down. E-Mail me at hanger18@zoomshare.com

5/20/2006 5:22:47 AM

well done, 10 points, ufos are real

9/4/2007 1:25:03 PM


1/26/2008 6:51:23 PM

GO look in the mirror , are you real?. If you accept your carnal existence then you now life is real , even if it's beyond your understanding.
Get two magnets and play with them , feel their force , you can feel the force but you cant see it , feel it and don't look for proof. transdimensions are there even though you can't see them . Go beyond materialism and you will know the truth.

2/16/2008 6:05:06 PM

That's a very good observation. I hope you look at my other posts.

In my own life I read the sorcery book Journey to Ixtlan by carlos Castaneda. With that book is a descritpion of 'stopping the world'.

In my life this event happened to me as well.
The world disappeared and was replaced by omnipresent light. This was the beginning for me, as my whole being then realized that reality is merely an interpretation were making of the omnipresent light.
I believe it was a holy experience, however, every church group rejects me and denies the experience was of God, since they see it as sorcery only and of the devil.

A ufo event is a very similar kind of event, so its no wonder the mind tries to make sense of it.
In John Spencer's book UFO's the definitve casebook, there is a story of a guy who was told he could see the alien as a duck or a monster or whatever he wanted to see.

The problem with mankind is that they belkieve the interpretation their making is real and exists independently of their perception of it. So they see no potential to create a new world that is less violent than this one.

See my site inertialcapacity in yahoo groups if interested.

jason smith
3/24/2008 3:49:51 PM

ufos are real but its in our nature to do one of two things consistantly.(when i say in our nature i mean as a race).1.we will discredit and cover up anything we deem a threat to our economy,security or something we cannot explain.Top scientists dont want to look fools or loose billions of pounds/dollers in grants or try to explain something that they cant explain. 2.As i found serving in the military we will destroy anything we cant explain or control.Instead of trying to understand we destroy.I have read many books involving the egyptians,the mayans,and the american indians.They were visited and yet i got the impression there was no fear but a willing to learn and understand.There was no fear or the will to destroy but harmony.Why can we not do this?.Afterall are we not an intelligent civilised technologicaly superior race(although my time in the military showed me different).I seek knoledge of that i do not understand.I have no urge to destroy or de_bunk only to learn.

3/20/2010 8:49:32 AM

UFOs are real but you all keep chasing dots in the sky lol then show blurred photos or say you where abducted when sleeping in other words open to ridicule. You can quite easily catch ET on the ground as there are plenty here right now but remember theses guys are smarter than us i.e. they took me out of a truck I was driving at sixty miles per hour and put me back still doing sixty two hours later and only about fifty yards further down the road yip clever sods lol and they do not care if they hurt you , my passenger had to be hospitalized but all they could find wrong was he had very little oxygen in his blood that nearly killed him yip nasty wee sods . or even just going near their ships or a previous landing site can effect your health i.e. I lost nearly all my teeth after visiting one , they went black and bled then started falling out over night so nothing fun or romantic about ET . But it donít end there folks you then have to deal with the American air force yip nasty sods named shadow warriors who are not supposed to be operating in Scotland but they are along with the men in black who love trying scare tactics lol and yes they do use black helicopters with no markings and even the civil air authorityís cover for them as I have raised complaints but to no avail, yip ET is well protected by our so called peers. So stop looking up all the time, try looking under your nose and you will find them, buy one of those toy laser pens and just point it about and it will highlight them as they operate outside our spectrum of sight.

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