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12/11/2003 1:03:39 PM

Are UFOs real?

I've been interested in the UFO phenomenon for as long as i can remember - as i'm sure most people who frequent this website will agree, the whole subject is profoundly fascinating. I have never witnessed a 'real'' ufo in my life, but i have read/seen/heard more than enough evidence from very credible, reliable people (as well as hard data from radar and even spy sattellites) to be utterly convinced that the Earth is indeed currently playing host to visitors from other star systems.
Science is slowly but surely catching up to the notion that many of us have suspected all along - that in our galaxy there must be other planets like Earth that are inhabited by iintelligent, technologically advanced creatures such as ourselves. Not a month goes by without a new planetary system being discovered; only recently, it was announced that the star Vega (a star not too disimilar to our sun) most likely had a planetary system.
In less than a century the human race have progressed from the Wright bros' Kitty Hawk to the space shuttle (or even aurora if it exists). Imagine what we might be capable of (assuming we don't destroy the planet first) in another hundred, or thousand years. And if we can do it, why the hell is it so implausibleto imagine that creatures on an Earth-like planet elsewhere in the Milky Way could do the same - or already have done.

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Keith M. King
12/29/2003 10:33:49 AM

Well, of course UFO's are real. UFO means, "Unidentified Flying Object"
Those are tracked around the world everyday. I think we can all agree on that
singular point. Where the disagreement arises is when those UFO's are
claimed to be of an extraterrestrial origin. We may BELIEVE that non-human
intelligences exist with the technology to traverse the vast distances of space
via any number of methods, (i.e., Worm Holes, Interdimensional, faster-than-light
speed, etc) But proving it is another matter all together.
Conventional science of course, rejects that idea based primarily on the DISTANCE
issue. Its a valid point which will exist until either a ship can be examined and its
propulsion mechanism scrutinised, or a living ET to furnish those answers.
Some believe we have in fact already answered those questions and are hiding our (government agencies) findings for an assortment of reasons unknown to the general
public. Many diligent researchers are out there digging and keeping their noses to the
ground and they deserve our suport and respect. I have personally been following
UFO's since 1967... Personally, I believe that the contact we have with Non-human
entities is very extensive, but there is not much hard evidence to prove that. The
CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence is over-whelming. But until either the ones who hold the cards in the world governments are more forthcoming, or the ET's themselves decide
its time, we will have to be content to receive these bits and pieces of what are the most monumental events in the history of this world

12/29/2003 12:39:56 PM

Thankyou for an intelligent and inspiring post! You convey the excitement of man's potential achievements very well! And yes, they exist. Many, many people have seen them, but most do not come forward for fear of being labelled a crank. Keep looking up.....

12/31/2003 10:40:09 AM


UFO's do exist. About 1% of them are extraterrestrial in nature. We will not find out the truth probably in my lifetime (i'm 29), and the government is covering it up. Roswell happened.

Robert L. Sharp
12/31/2003 3:27:07 PM

Over the years, whenever the term UFO is used, most people automatically
think of flying saucers and other terms. I believe EVERYONE, and I mean
EVERYONE, has seen a UFO in their lifetime. UFO could actually be applied
to any object flying through the air that is unidentified.
I'm sure everyone has seen a light in the sky at night, or even during the day.
It could possibly be a helicopter, airplane, hot air baloon or a glider, or whatever.
Until it gets close enough to identify, it is in all reality a UFO, because it is an object flying through the air that hasn't been identified without question.
For some reason, society has taken the term to mean extraterrestrial, spaceships,
flying saucer and so on.
If one were to ask another if flying saucers or spaceships from another world are
real, then one could give a definitive answer, either in the positive or negative.
But I understand what you are asking, because I too, am one of those that seem to
take the term as meaning flying saucer and so on. It is something we have all
grown accustomed to over the years. Oh by the way, YES, I am one that also
believes that UFO's are very real, meaning the otherworldly type.
Robert L. Sharp
Gering, Nebraska USA

adam womack
1/10/2004 2:53:28 PM

yes i think they are real some people say it was an airplane i you con;t tell until it in your face so i still think they real you know

3/4/2004 9:43:28 PM

to the first person that wrote: get a life man! Find a different hobby.

3/5/2004 10:52:03 AM

i agree with anona

Robert L. Sharp
3/5/2004 11:11:31 AM

anona and dev:
May this site isn't for you? It is one thing to have an opinion, but not to elaborate
is another.

3/6/2004 3:14:08 AM

Weren't anona and dev being supportive? Sure you read it correctly Robert? I though anona is telling whoever first made the offensive statement: 'Get a life' to go find itself a new hobby rather than rattle true believers on this site. No?

Robert L. Sharp
3/6/2004 9:23:15 AM

Well I must be reading something entirely different than you. It appeared to me
they, or anona was referring to the original thread by Michael, and her posting
didn't show that she was being "supportive". I have no problem reading.

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