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subject: Are UFOs real?

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Robert L. Sharp
3/6/2004 9:31:12 AM

I have read this entire heading from start to finish, every reply, and no one makes
reference to "get a life" except for anona, and dev agreed with anona. hmmmm
Who can read?

3/7/2004 5:58:51 AM

It appears you are correct. One X on the wall for you.

Do you have a beard?

Robert L. Sharp
3/7/2004 11:47:12 AM

I guess I should give you an O on the wall for being such a charming Belle,
or is it Lass down under? LOL We be even now, ok?
And no, I have no beard, silky smooth on the chinny chin chin.

3/8/2004 5:43:30 AM


Let's get serious again. This problem we both seem to be experiencing is based on fear. We don't have support around us because we are not to discuss the topic with other family members. To do so would be destructive, the deeper implications of which require some thought.

Dimensionalstar asks what we are seeking? Here I AM, stuck in a different time zone and surrounded by a culture alien in itself. Truly bizarre! Not all Australlians are Russell Crowe or Nicole Kidman.

My experiences have intensified over the past few years to the point where I thought I might be schizophrenic - how could I possibly even describe them let alone explain?

Then I read a book and suddenly I relax, but only for an instant - I'm not alone, someone on the other side of the planet has had the exact encounter - so I'm NOT schizophrenic - OH MY GOD, I'm a ***g*** abductee!!!

Take your pick, which will it be?? This is where the truth begins to sink in, wouldn't you agree Robert? Our personal reality is this thing that hits a solid base of truth and suddenly we are standing alone in the centre of a circle.

I seek a touchstone of the truth surrounding et contact. I seek continual acknowledgement that it is really real and I'm not losing the plot.

I seek sanctuary but I could scream and no-one would hear. This is why I prefer to organise my mind around the core issue: we are not as advanced as these beings, at least not in certain ways, and we appear to be helpless in the face of what they are doing. As above so below.

I don't call it kidnapping - we seem to be like experimental animals in a laboratory, but of course that also is seeing it from a cruel human perspective.

I will sign off because I would love to share some more info but I'm frightening myself just thinking about it.

Are there any health professionals on this forum who could make suggestions as to how one can cope with ongoing contact?

This then leads to the question: why aren't our governments providing counseling services to those who require it? See what I mean people?!!

Because alien intelligence only exists if you hold a highly paid position with multi-million dollar funding and take part in the conspiracy of silence.

Contact is yet to come! We are still waiting for radio signals! Maybe we will find traces of water on Mars. This will lead us to believe that life could have existed on Mars. Projects with fanciful and mysterious titles: Project Phoenix.

What about every ufo/eti group around the planet taking part in a world protest day at space research centres and publicly funded facilities associated with space research/astronomy (and Area 51) to demand answers?

Once again: this forum provides me with support. It's bad enough to be afraid but worse to think you are alone.

Robert L. Sharp
3/8/2004 10:00:32 AM

Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure where to start. I agree with you saying that
experiencing is based on fear, and not having support. As I have stated many
times in this forum, and I will again, I have been an experiencer for around 46
years now. For the last two years I have "come out" as far as being open and
revealing to my family members. So, for 44 years I have been shut up inside myself
like a clam waiting to be harvested.

My wife is not much of a believer in any of this stuff, although she knows of my
great interest in the subject, as I have talked about UFOs for a long time. I have not
touched on the subject of abduction until recently. My oldest daughter and her
boyfriend have a small interest in this, and they read a book by Budd Hopkins
titled "Sight Unseen" co-authored with Carol Rainey, that I gave them. I believe it
has opened their eyes to at least the possibility of things other-worldly. If you
haven't read this book, I would highly suggest it. I read this book in the course of
about 5 nights. I have never had the hair raised on my neck or had goose bumps
like I had when reading it. For some reason, this is the scariest book on the subject
I have ever read. I didn't buy it to get a scare or a thrill, it just happened.

After reading a book on this phenomena, I get a mixed feeling of being frightened
out of my wits, and at the same time a calming feeling, knowing I am not alone, and
MAYBE, I am not some sort of looney case with a huge fantasy. I realize now, that
is not the case at all. And then, the truth settles in, as you describe. But still, I am
standing in this imaginary circle as you eluded to, wishing I could hop out of it.
I might add one other thing. I have NEVER discussed this subject with ANY of my
friends, the very people I might be able to find solice in. Isn't that strange in itself?
I don't even know if any of them have had experiences, or know anything about UFOs,
but some of them could be in the same boat for all I know.

You talked about being like experimental animals in a lab to the Abductors. I think
you are correct on this, although I have come to the conclusion that there are only
a very few species involved in this activity. I don't know how I form this belief, I
just do. I think there are mostly benevolent types here, that don't carry out this sort
of lab work, but are unable to do anything about the rest that do.

I don't believe the government is ever going to provide any type of counseling to
folks like us, because they would obviously have to reveal the truth to us, and that is
not in their mindset. We will have to look for this type of service by being in forums
and reading what others have to say. I have found a lot of relief here in a way, by
knowing there are others that are receptive to what I have gone through, and believe
what I say, and may have experiences of their own. I don't listen to the debunder types
anymore, as they are a waste of my time, and they will do anything to get their close
minded views across.

Radio signals you talk about. I actually am a volunteer for SETI@home, analyzing radio
signals for them. If one of validity is ever found by my computer, I along with SETI will
get the credit for finding it. I think that advanced civilizations on other planets probably
don't even use the type of radio signals we are referring to, and looking for. I don't
think they even communicate with radio signals, but by other means we can't even
fathom. I believe we will all have a couple of Aliens over for a BBQ, before we will
ever find a radio signal. Just last week, NASA announced that they have most likely
discovered water on Mars. That could only mean there was a possibility of life forms
there in the past. There could very well be many life forms there as we speak. It might
be in the from of a small microbial, or something along this line, but LIFE. Who knows,
there could be the two legged variety lurking in the shadows, watching us in the dark,
waiting to see what our next move may be. Also, I think it is a waste of time and money
for us to be sending signals "out there". I don't believe an advanced civilization would
even have the type of equipment to receive it, and wouldn't know what it meant if
they could.

I would like to be part of a worldwide protest day by the various UFO/ET research
groups around the globe. We could all participate on a local level, and wouldn't have
to travel to a designated point. The only thing is, would someone have to put an ad
in the local papers in every city in the world? How would we get the word out?

3/8/2004 9:17:12 PM

I would like for you to explain to me how being on the eyes wide open search for the most significant event possible to our civilization is not a life?

3/9/2004 4:05:07 AM


posted you a long reply but site crashed, no retrieval but possibly reverse engineering.

Will start again but more brief due to time constraints:

Loved the barbeque idea, but as we know - radio signals create employment and the people in this industry may not be abductees so they aren't going to give up their salaries too easily. Just a theory.

To anyone reading this post who either has no conscious ufo recollection or is just an interested participant - know this! Humans are not the most intelligent life form on this planet.

You only have to look at what we have done to our environment in a relatively short time span - degrading land, sea and air: nuclear industries, over-fishing, over-farming, over-mining, overflowing land fill sites, sewerage in the ocean..the list goes on.

Why can't the trillions spent on finding what.. more wealth or a better place to inhabit...
be spent on the certainty of what we have here? This planet needs repair and there are children dying of starvation unnecessarily every day. Surely a safe and effective contraceptive would be forthcoming with funding of such staggering proportions?

Big boys, big jobs, big salaries, small vision!

Mike Burdick
3/9/2004 8:11:15 AM

Hi. Since the biggest objection to the idea that UFO's are extraterrestrial in origin is the DISTANCE issue, I suggest (as have some others) that ET's arrived here at some point in the past and have simply STAYED. There are many locations around the globe (mostly in the northern hemisphere) where there are stone structures called dolmens or passage graves, made in huge numbers. These stone structures are often made of stones weighing several tons each. As with the UFO issue, people get angry when someone suggests that "aliens" made these structures. But, the fact remains that these groupings of "dolmens" are usually found in areas where NO towns or cities existed in the past, they often number in the 100's (in one general area), they are usually oriented in the same direction, and they often do NOT contain skeletal remains or artifacts of any kind. So, why isn't possible that these structures were built by an ET group that arrived here a LONG time ago?
As for WHERE such a group might have come from, I believe that too many researchers dismiss Alpha Centauri as a possible home. I have read numerous astronomical articles, sites, etc. that list Alpha Centauri as "possibly having terrestrial-like planets." The Alpha Centauri system appears to be stable, except that Proxima Centauri--the red dwarf star--appears to be leaving the system. Thus, A-Centauri is essentially a binary star system with one star almost IDENTICAL to our sun, except that it might be OLDER. Why doesn't this sound like a logical point of origin for the possible ET's on our planet? Being the closest star system, by far, it is possible that an ET group from an advanced civilization in this system could have attempted a journey to our solar system, despite the great distance needed to travel--in the name of science.

3/22/2004 9:11:45 AM


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