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clark McClelland
12/11/2003 4:19:18 PM

Alien and OUR astronauts!

I worked at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center from 1958-1992. I was the actual X-Files during my time there. I was director of NICAP and MUFON during those years.
Now I dare all of you to OPEN my website and experience the truth.
Contact me if you wish at: stargatechronicles@yahoo.com
Clark McClelland, former Space Shuttle ScO, KSC, Florida

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2/20/2004 3:51:34 AM

I cant believe no one has replied to this great post, this man worked with NASA all his life and shares the truth with us!! Visit this site and read it, for this man to personaly visit this sit is an honor to those who use this chatroom and believe in E.T life!

I very much doubt if anyone more credible with as much knowledge on UFO's has ever visited this site, thanks clark for leaving your site!

Robert L. Sharp
2/20/2004 8:57:40 AM

Yes, Clark is a truly nice and knowing person. I have read over his sites
many times. I have also been fortunate to email him on occasion, and he
has written me a number of times in the last 2 months. He is in the process
of finding writers and editors for a book he is writing, that will blow the socks
off of a lot of the NASA smoke screens. He will be writing about the astronauts
and a whole lot of VERY interesting subjects. I can't wait to read what he has
to say about UFOs, Aliens and the whole mess behind NASA and others.

2/20/2004 3:40:10 PM

I have viewed your website, www.stargate-chronicles.com , and find it extremely interesting. I'm sure you aren't the only one to lose your caree/jjob due to this 'phenomena'. Like Jessie Marcel and the Roswell incident he was sworn to secrecy, however in his latter years he told the public the truth in an interview on what really happened in July 1947. It must be a terrible feeling to know about these craft and beings and have to lie to saves ones position in the government/military. These people who have held this secret for decades feel it is their duty to tell the truth and to hopefully regain their dignity by informing their fellowman they are on the right track in believing in intelligent life beyond earth and these visitors are here frequently and have been for quite some time.
We have a right to know...we have the right NOT to be abducted and we have the right for our government to protect us from these beings. We have been violated...kidnapping is a felony and these beings should be tried for violating our rights.

2/20/2004 4:24:22 PM


This is worth reading...

2/20/2004 4:31:52 PM

I wonder why Stan Friedman has his doubts?


Scutt Johansen
2/20/2004 10:27:28 PM

I enjoyed this websight very much.

I don't know how you can get a more credible witness than that.

2/21/2004 1:38:01 AM

Well said S.J.!

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