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3/25/2004 8:05:27 AM

Star Seeker-new conspiracy!!!!

a meeting is to take place soon. The U.S.A, Russia, United Kingdom, China, and France will be meeting with alens in order to exchange our philosophys and cultural revelations for advanced technologys! the new technologys will involve dimensional manipulation devices.

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Robert L. Sharp
3/25/2004 9:15:53 AM


If this is true, and it may or may not be, I wonder why they won't have delegations
and representatives from every single country on the face of this planet?
I also wonder, are the countries you mention, the only ones privvy to this info?
What are the rest of the world to do? Wait for tidbits to be handed out to them?

I wish this meeting of the visitors would involve the entire planet, not just a
priviledged few. Yeah I know, the powers that be......


3/26/2004 6:34:11 AM

yes Robert its true this meeting is going to be restricted to a privilidged few why? cos they are selfish b######s!!! I wonder if the government will revea the new technologys though? maybe everything we have now is the result of these alien exchanges!l

4/6/2004 12:26:12 PM

how did you get to that scenario?

Don Tago
4/7/2004 8:57:29 PM

what a selfish, ignorant, unintelligent thing to say....i mean seriously....you, as you dont know a lot about astronomy and physics, obviously, dont know much about world politics and cultural history.... I do not condem the suicide bombers of palestine anymore than i do when the israelis kill innocent ppl. The palestinians are simply working with what they have. I am sure they would use heat seaking missles, blackhawk helicopters, and RPGs, if only the american government would give those weapons to them, like they do the israelis. What makes killing innocent ppl with a suicide bomber any less ethical than the israelis killing innocent ppl with missles and helicopters.

You are obviously a repugnant, uninformed, nationalistic, tool of the american government, who does not think, does not question, and does not contemplate the actions of their own country. you are the type of person that makes our world such a horrible world to live in, buying into stereotypes, pointing fingers at people you are told to point fingers at, and accept all the trash fed to you by the national media.

4/8/2004 5:18:26 PM

A date and location would be interesting. Who knows what this meeting is really about? Another hurry up and wait, and wait, and wait...

Thank You for sharing.

4/15/2004 4:56:55 AM

i found out through a good friend of mine who has his own conspiracy site and club in russia. dont know any more details though sorry i will try 2 find out more

4/16/2004 5:14:50 PM

As far as I know, The US is the only one to have had technology from aliens so far. And I think the MJ-12 documents are genuine.

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