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1/8/2004 10:34:56 AM


OK, let's sit down together and try to understand (if we can) the motives and actions of an ET race visiting our planet. The first question should be why? There could be many different reasons. Scientific study of a race of semi-intelligent beings other than their own. We could be the only other life they have discovered so far and would like to study us to see if it is common in the universe much like we theorize, or maybe their planet or star is dying and they have traveled here to try and make contact once we are ready so they can live here too. Maybe they are planning on colonizing our planet, but it is so polluted they've decided it's no use to them, or maybe UFOs are just probes sent off by a dying race to give to other races their technology and history. There are so many different possibilities that you really can't ask why? There's no way to comprehend the motives or reasoning of an alien civilization which thinks completely different than us. The next question is how? How could an alien race travel the vast distances through space? Again, there are many different ways an advanced race could do it, but that would bring us back to the question of why? And I've pretty much already covered that, but let's think about different ways to travel through space. One way could be that they have a way to prolong their lifespan, maybe through cloning or freezing. Another way could be that they aren't being piloted by aliens, but robots, a lot like our own probes we send to Mars, but much more advanced. I could go on and on about the possibilities, but I won't. The more we ask how and why, the further away we get from the truth. And the truth of the matter is that UFOs do exist and if we are going to ever find out what they really are we need to stop asking the same questions over and over and start coming up with answers. I know this has been said thousands of times, but I believe it needs to be addressed again. It is 2004 now and UFOs have been around for over fifty years and we are still at the same place now as we were back in 1947. Even with mass sightings in Mexico City and Brazil and thousands of credible witnesses and videotape evidence over the years we still can't seem to get the attention on UFOs that it deserves. Thanks for your time and please tell me your thoughts on the matter.

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Robert L. Sharp
1/8/2004 11:00:11 AM

Excellent post, Dan. You hit the nail right on the head. Hope to hear more
from you!


1/8/2004 9:04:50 PM

Hi Dan,

i think the general opinion about ufology is moving more towards acceptance or at least curiousity rather than denial. And i think that books like those from John Mack about abductions have a real great impact on public opinion. Except for those blind non-believers of course, that refuse to get the least bit of information about the topic, which exist everywhere, not that i'm going to name those we have here (sorry, couldn't resist *g*).
So we might actually look forward to a more open and more scientific discussion of that topic for the next decades and hopefully some public research programs regarding these phenomenon. (pulic = official funds but not covered up)

From what i can see from my current knowledge about the topic, there isn't just one (as in 1) for the "why" and one (also as in 1) answer for the "how". It seems at least that we are visited by quite a number of different aliens, whereever they come from. As to the why, I lately thought a lot about, whether they (or their motivations) are more towards "good" or "evil" (thats also a question of the point of view) and whether they tell the truth or just tell a story to make the abducties believe they take part in something good and big, when they "talk" at all.
Maybe questioning that is "human", though not unjustified since, at least in my opinion, stuff like cattle mutilations or abductions are pretty much against universal ethics. I mean they could use at least a tad more diplomatic approach than just popping up somewhere and careless doing their business (more diplomatic as in asking "would you like to take part in an experiment ...").

As to the how, this is really a matter of serious scientific research. I'm sure that already quite some knowledge about alien technology exists, somewhere. And lately a lot of good stuff came up in physics, new promising theories (unified field theory stuff) and some other ideas. Even something like warp drive isn't unthinkable anymore. I guess, even if we don't copy the alien technology, we will come up with own *_doable_* FTL or dimensional travel concepts within the next 50 years, but thats just my opinion. Maybe thats one of the reasons they are here, mankind is BY FAR not mature enough to take part in any kind of universal circus, we are a danger and threat to anything around us, thats for sure (U.S. Patriot Act, huh ? We really got to grow up).


Scott Johansen
1/10/2004 9:04:06 PM

I agree wholeheartedly with you. that is why I probe into things as ridiculous as the Nephlim theory.Though not so ridiculous. No one seems to comment on it. Oh well I keep reading the same questions with the same answers over and over again. In business , higher math , and any other form of practice or thought I have found that it takes hundreds of unique and sometimes ridiculous ideas from a collective brainstorming of the masses before you get to one that was usable .Usually it is quite brilliant and No generally it wasn't mine. I'm just saying that all thought has value and the more bad ideas you put out there the more thought it provokes and the more your likelyhood is of finding a great idea if not answer. This post however I thought was quite astute and well thought out . I too would like to hear from you more.

  Replies 1 - 3 (out of 3 total)

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