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3/26/2004 7:03:52 AM


what do people here think of Nostradamus and his predictions? he reckoned the east would slowly start trying to take over the west and i think the start of all this really bad terror attacks could be the start of his predictions coming true! apparently we are going to have a third world war and thenn at the end of it a being is supposed to ascend from the sky to bring world peace eternally. until 50 years after that when the worlds supposed to end! But perhaps this being represents aliens in Nostradamus's visions. I find his predictions very interestings as he was supposed to have predicted world war 1 and 2, the death of princess diana and sept 11.

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3/26/2004 9:47:53 PM

The most interesting of his quatrains has a germantic tyrant playing around the Hister River as a child, which is, in fact where Hitler did play. It wasn't the name Hister for Hitler. Still rather remarkable I should think.
He did tell the way that his king would die and that is quite good.

Though, as far as any WWIII stuff, well that seems to henge entirely on how people are being willing to count it. As far as I am concerned the "Gulf War" was already WWIII simply because it had troops from all over the globe in battle, like even the Aussies came. So when is a World War not a World War? I personally don't think that if you have troops from around the world doing it then it's just plain a WW and nothing else.

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