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Scott Johansen
1/9/2004 2:39:19 AM

origin,undeniable facts,theory,quantum mechanics,and more

I want to preface this by saying that I do not claim to be an expert on any of these matters. However, I have done some extensive research and have developed a few theories of my own. We as human beings throughout recorded history have had myriad eyewitness accounts, abductions and other general unexplained phenomenon.
I'm sure most of you have seen "Chariots of the gods" so I wont go into detail about those theories. If you haven't.... rent it.
The descriptions of some of these accounts suggest that these crafts not only travel at the speed of light but also travel interdimentionally. In order to do so this even theoretically would take such a tremendous amount of energy that we could not to date concievably contain it much less direct it. The red liquid residue found at many of these 4.5 meter circles contained primarily cadmium along with chards of pure silicone.This would suggest that the architechs who designed the craft reportedly to have landed there knew a little bit about the values of our planetary elements.As you know cadmium is used to insulate,prolong and contain energy and silicon is used to conduct not only positive energy but also to direct negative energy. magnesium burns at high temperatures and changes colors according to it's heat. The color chart of the magnesium burn starts at yellow then turns red then blue then white. Funny those seem to be the colors that most people have reported seeing.
If you are familiar with quantum mechanics you will also note that when the quantum atom changes it's energy to a lower level it gives off a photon expelling the energy which also has a spectrum of color. If a higher intellegence( and I think we have to agree there is one)could master the use of these atoms to the point of dematerialization,
It is possible not only that they would be able to travel at the speed of light thus distorting time, and also be capable of interdimentional travel.
Granted, this intelligence would be light years ahead of us and quantum mechanics ,astrophysics and other studies that are relatively new to us on a grand timeline would be as ancient to them as the lost languages of egypt are to us. Unlike another commentary I read I don't believe that if you cannot accept the existance of a higher intelligence you are an idiot. Let's face it ,we're all idiots. I believe not to accept a higher intelligence however,is simply a little ignorant.If there were a higher intelligence that not only could manipulate time but even create life. Tell me what would keep us from calling it GOD. Many people wonder why these beings if they do exist do'nt contact us.You are more advanced than a cockroach .Have you ever tried to explain yourself to one of them? And besides Who is to say that they haven't. Do you honestly believe that our Governments that we set up to protect us would share this informatoion with the general public?
Of course not. Don't overestimate the general public. You can watch one episode of Jerry Springer and see what the real general public is and why our government might not want to tell it. On a universal timeline we are nothing but infants.We have only been able to record history for a few thousand years even biblically. We are so seperated as a species we cannot even keep the story staight throughout translation. It's like playing that operater game. All we have are myths,some facts,some archeological findings and out of those we feel we must choose to believe in something .
Usually it is a belief that has been forced upon us by someone else.Generations of storytelling.Do not get me wrong I believe in the bible. I beleive that it truly did come from a higher source. But who edited it?Constantine the first and a group of his scribes thats who.How much was omitted. how much is authentic.and how much is missing.?I will give the Bible it's due credit because anyone who has truly studied it must accept it's value. But what about it's clarity. There are many contradictions combined with the hebrew languages lack of punctuation it lends itself to to many inerpretations. Anyway I'm tired now and getting off track . I have always live by the words of Socrates when he said"the ultimate knowledge is knowing that you know nothing at all" So I am always open to new ideas and I hope No one is offended by these thoughts. If you were than you may not want to read me again. More at a later time

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subject: origin,undeniable facts,theory,quantum mechanics,and more

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2/3/2009 11:11:46 AM

Very well put. Rep to you.
Magnesium is the most abundant element in the universe ‘they’ can get it anywhere, as you stated it burns at high temperatures I guess it probably burns hotter when water is added (hydrogen) .
I was wondering why would you think ’they’ burn magnesium?
The religion part is too sensitive and I do not wish to discuss it in my first post

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