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1/9/2004 2:51:19 PM

Why is it so hard for people to Believe?? Atleast don't doubt it!!

Imagine if i could explain to caveman one day in the future, people will move around in machines where you step on the pedal and it will take you places...some of them will exceed speed limits of 150mph..... that caveman will probably laugh at me and throw me into the tar pits......When i was watching the movie "The Fly" i remembering thinking how cool it would be if you could transport things from one machine to another, but hey thats immpossible right?? Or is it?? How about Cloneing?? 20 years ago who would have thought it would be possible?? Sure some major scientists that know alot know that these things are possible, but what about us "normal" "everyday working" kind of people that don't have time to study all this stuff. Seems imppossible, but science always seems to impress me. We live in a world of possibilities, first time on this forum and i didn't think this many people would doubt the existance of aliens, come on like humans are the smartest thing in the universe??? WE CAN'T EVEN MAKE WORLD PEACE!!!! Hello!!! I am pretty dam sure theres someone out there smarter than us, some people are just scared to be at the bottom of the chain......As for the goverment....you know they are hiding something, they lied about Area51, and the truth came out there, I'll be the first to do cartwheels on my front lawn the day the goverment admits to UFOs and Aliens, but who knows....by that time we might be invaded thanks to our goverment shooting down UFOs for reverse engineering!! We Might have pissed off a few Aliens out there...but thats just my opinion.

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Prof. Malcolm
1/13/2004 11:18:52 PM

please show me proof that area 51 had some spooky alien stuff inside its compound. Hearsay and rhetoric don't convince me. I like tangible stuff. So does science. Just because Whitley got a book deal doesn't make him more than a novelist. I hate sounding so cynical, but that's the way I see it after years of so called 'believing'. No ghosts, aliens, or sasquatches have ever been shown to me other than on blurry, vague second hand photos, and my anus hurts sometimes, but I don't automatically assume I'm being probed..I just had some kick-ass burritos at Mexicali Rosa's.

Scott johansen
1/14/2004 2:03:22 AM

I agree with you Malcolm, But area 51 is actually a rather mute point at this stage of the game.Honestly it was rather easy to cover up because it happened in a rural area on some old guys farm with by comparison a small group of eyewitnesses.Keep in mind all of the other accounts that truly make the Roswell incedent look like a joke. Look up Rendlesham, Dulce, Soviet union ufo secrets and a few more .Just put your search engine on ufo accounts ,surf through the bullshit and sort out the valid info.Believe me it's obvious.When you see it you will say holy sht to yourself.Also look for the consistancyin these reports I think you will find that they are very consistant with others around the globe from private citezens of some countries that don't even have a local newspaper

1/14/2004 9:55:16 AM

I liked for example that www.prufos.co.uk website. I don't think these PC's report that stuff just for the fun of it. What i didn't like that much, though it contributes to the completeness, is that a lot of cases there were compiled from other sources and not genuine. But still definitly worth to look into it.


5/20/2006 7:26:56 PM

People don't want to believe, because most people aren't raised and taught in school that UFOs are real. For example, take American History. Every one believes that George Washington was the first American President, and no one demands proof.
We have photos of UFOs, but some people don't believe that they exist. We have no photos of Washington, or anything before the invention of the camera, but they accept that they exist.
We hace documentation that Washington existed, but we have plenty more documentation of UFO sightings and alien contact.
So, if in between the pages of text books being sent out to schools we could mention something about the UFO Phenomenon, people might be more willing to exept that it was real. Some science books mention SETI, and the fact that scientists believe that alien life "might" exist, but it is always followed by a highly skeptical statement.
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5/21/2006 6:30:29 AM

First off, while I agree that ufos probably isn't taught as a traditional subject in
schools, I do think that educators today are more accepting of the idea that life
probably exists out there.. to a small extent, they at least convey this idea to
students during the course of various science classes.. but that's as far as it
probably goes. Ufology is probably still considered to be too radical or controversial
as a standalone subject.

In my opinion, this perspective is influenced by the scientific community at large.
Thier position and views are accepted as the norm. They are, in my opinion, in
default on this subject.. .and that's what directs how educators approach the

As to people not wanting to 'believe', heck, everyone's entitled to believe what they
want I suppose. If they're not swayed by even the most compelling and persuasive
of cases (which some people want to sweep under the rug and forget about), then
there's not much you can do. Nothing short of absolute proof is going to be

Just like this Apollo moon hoax thing. You can provide a mountain of evidence that
suggests that we did go, but some will still cling to the belief that we didn't.

Back to the opening question "why is is hard for people to believe?", I don't think
this is as simple as it seems.

..as unscientific as polls may be, they do suggest that signficant numbers of the
population do accept the idea of extraterrestrial life and/or the possibility that ufos
exist. Many also seem to believe that governments are withholding considerable
information about what they really know about ufos as well.

But what seems to undermine the subject too, toward serious discussions I think,
is the residual effects from hoaxes, frauds and profiteers. These can become so
ridiculous that people just might not want to get involved, embarrassed or
ridiculed. You either accept stories at face value or you don't. If you don't, you're
labelled as a basher or skeptic. If you do, you're gullible. You've just got to walk
a fine line.


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