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Philip Edwards
3/31/2004 7:01:00 AM


To all the astronomers check out the stars 140 light years away with a neighbour 4 light years away. You will find planet systems and if you check the x ray spectrum you might prove alien contact.

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4/6/2004 12:31:00 PM

please tell me how you know such things

4/6/2004 1:46:14 PM

He met the same alien species that crashed at Roswell.

Philip Edwards
4/22/2004 8:36:52 AM

The X ray idea was just a hunch on my part the other details are based on factual information gained during my alien encounter. I know for a fact the aliens do not use radio, we had a long conversation about it. They refused to tell me what they instead use other than it is a different form of energy and travels in hyper-space. It could be natural or artificial energy.

Philip Edwards
4/30/2004 7:09:47 AM

The reason I said X rays was because they are at the high end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Hyper-space I think is at a higher level, when the aliens return to normal space in their craft perhaps a ripple or harmonic effect is recorded in the X ray spectrum or above it was just an idea.

Philip Edwards
5/19/2004 5:41:20 AM

My contact memories of my many encounters all came back in 1986 and then oddly they all vanished and I knew nothing about aliens or even thought about them. In 1990 the memories all returned and stayed, to me I interpreted this due to an emotional form or construct of memory storage. One of the contact experiences was in I think about 1973, a friend called Peter walked with me along a river bank suddenly I saw a strange silver and brown tube on the ground and I picked it up. The tube was 14 inches long and 1 and three quater inches wide, the top part was brown and had three short gold levers on its flat top surface. We stood on a sandbank and suddenly a dark haired woman and a man who looked a bit like Warf in Star Trek came up to us. The woman cried oh no he is holding it then the man snapped have you touched the levers, I said no but I was going to. The man took the tube and I asked what is it he said it is a small robot, I said a robot can I see it he said no there are many robots in here they are very dangerous. I said but if they are small they cant do any harm like a large robot, the man said these are far more dangerous than any large robot. The woman said there was a acident in space and the tube lost, I asked would it not burn up on re- entry and she said I meant hyper space. The tube contained one the most dangerous weapons nanobots.

Philip Edwards
5/20/2004 2:10:25 AM

The male alien checked the tube levers and breathed relief that he thought the nanobots were still dormant. My memories ended there but a few years later on my final alien contact with a Santilli video Roswell type alien and another male alien who was of a different species and looked mostly human, I learned much about Nanobots. The Nanobots that were first developed moved slowly but later versions developed rapid speed. They can cut through any known material, a human for instance would drop to the floor vertically untill there was only a moving heap. The robots are slowed down in water but not stopped, they have rest periods, in subdued light you can see them shimmering on walls and floors for instance. The aliens once found a planet adrift in space with a hole cut through the middle like a doughnut, nanobots were the culprit.

Philip Edwards
5/21/2004 9:56:47 AM

The aliens told me about time duplication of people, it is possible to make four copies of a person, a fifth one stayes in existence for a few minutes and then suddenly vanishes. My interpretation of this is that the fith copy is formed by quantum energy fields, the four main copies suggest the universe is made of four energy streams involving all the elements of time matter and the various energies.

5/21/2004 1:51:00 PM

sorry phil ol'boy,but you're a nutcase.
seek help soon.

Philip Edwards
5/22/2004 1:37:48 AM

I can understand your reaction but just because what I say sounds fantastic that does not mean it is not true.

Don Tago
5/22/2004 11:39:33 AM

What is the name of the star, what constellation is the star in that these planets circle that your alien friends come from. Is it a binary system, what class star is it, how old is the star. Ask them what means of propulsion took them from there to here. What sort of technological advancements in their science allowed them to travel throughout the heavens. How did they find our planet in a vast field of billions of stars. They must have incredible telescopic technology in order to see a small planet so close to a star from 140 lys away, find out what sort of telescopes they use, are they light telescopes, x-ray, gamma-ray, do they use mirrors or radio waves? Or some other unknown means. Additionally, after they located our planets system, how did they know a race of intelligent beings existed here. Ask them what the atomspheric composition of their planet is. What sort of Gs do they experience of their planet, or how many times greater or less pressure exists on their planet, compared to our own. What were their mechanisms of evolution. What sort of life forms exist on their planet. What manner of creatures did their kind evolve with, and how did that co-existence shape their race. What is their procreation like, do they have 2 sexes, 3 or more sexes, or are they hemaphroditic. are they bipedal, do they eat and digest food, are their eyes front set or side set, what color is their skin? Do they have some manner of brain analogous to our own, if so, is it in their head, if not where? Or is this race of aliens simply a Hollywood carictature of our own race, only with grey skin, big bludgey black eyes, enlogated arms and an oversized head,. I would doubt that very much, but even so, ask to what circumstances led to those features in them. As we as humans are very aware of our own evolution from lesser primates, inquire to your aliens friends about their evolutionary history in that same manner.

Now you have obviously talked to and met these aliens, so im sure it would not be hard to get the answer to these questions. These are some of most obvious questions to ask ANY race of aliens. However, if you failed to ask these questions and do not have anymore oppourtunities to ask anymore, you wasted one of the greatest moments in this planets history. However, i do not believe you have actually met any aliens, as you claim, so a failure to answer these questions in a thurough, complete and above all scientifically accurate manner will tell me you have had no such contact with aliens., because any aliens that have visited this planet would be able to answer these questions very simply, without even thinking, just as we could if we visited another planet.

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