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1/9/2004 8:10:42 PM

If you don't look you don't see

Hello people

I want to tell you of my experiences, I know they score low in comparison to most on here but nevertheless, it happened.

I was laying in my garden with my best mate, my girlfriend and my mother, I was watching a plane high up going over me and it was a cloudless sky. As the plane flew pretty much directly over me I saw a small round object that was pulsating from a lite yellowish to a more orange colour, it wasn't moving but I got the sense it was very high in the atmosphere, with excitement I looked down to catch the people's attention around me to look at what I was seeing and when I looked up again pointing with my finger, I couldn't find it easily, then I found it but no one could see what I was pointing at. In my excitement I decided to run into the house up the stairs to grab the Bino's and then I shot to a window to see if I could see it once again. I was in hysterics trying to find it again, I ran down back into the garden where upon I tried in vane to find what I saw. I couldn't find it and to this day I am so annoyed that I didn't see what happened to it. My friends and all never saw what I did and thinking about it, I am not surprised as it was hard for me to find on the first occasion when I looked away from it. And that was that, no more but I want people to realise that if you are not looking into the sky as much as you can, then you will probably never be one of the many that see these objects.

My other sighting was when I was in the English countryside visiting my father as a little kid, sitting in the car with my mother waiting for my Dad to return home. Passing the time away, we were counting the planes that went over on this clear cold night. Then from out of no where this magnificent light illuminated a hill in the distance which was about 2 fields away, it was amazing, no noise came from it and we found it hard to look at the light due to the intensity of it. A helicopter I hear you say..... No, the military do not operate in that vicinity due to the distance from the base and there was no wind that night which could take any noise away form our direction and even if there where a slight wind, the light was close enough for you to hear any form of engine. We couldn't just sit there so we drove to the spot which took about 4 minutes after turning the car around, nothing could be seen. The next day I went to the spot with my mother and we found that there were scorch marks on the ground; we reported everything we saw to the local police who just didn't take us seriously and said they had more pressing matters to deal with.

The light was so bright and it seemed to actually be the object as opposed to coming from the object. This sighting would give me a fascination to study UFO's and ever since then I have looked for more sightings. I have also researched into ufo's and after 22 years of study I am disappointed to say that I know nothing as to what is going on in our sky's but I can say this, they are nothing to do with Human activities and the government know something but they won't let on. I also have come to the conclusion that the American Government has actually done Barter for 8 craft in turn for the acceptance for Aliens to abduct humans without being chased by the American Government..... Hence Dream Land and the other 2 bases that do not exist (so they would have you believe)

Feel free to ridicule me, of those of you that do, your words are simply unfounded and I urge you to look to the skyís and see for yourselves because at least 50% of you will see something which isnít due to atmospheric phenomena, space debris, weather balloons or any other kind of man made object. Goodluck

P.S. Let me give you advice, if it is a clear day always look at planes that fly over you as this will focus your eyes enabling you to see something that you would normally miss due to the fact that your eyes will not be focused on anything.

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1/10/2004 2:32:45 AM

look up popular science or mechanics(1-4 years ago) about secret flying objects, especially the STEALTH BLIMP,(triangular black, etc..huge),

3/9/2008 4:30:17 PM

Why are balls of light such a common feature in ufo reports? The object that i saw was ball of light. What does that say about the physical properties of such vehicles. Is it really a ball of light or is the light a shield...of sorts... designed to obscure a more dense aspect. Could it be a transdimensional thing?...Perhaps a remote controlled probe?

  Replies 1 - 2 (out of 2 total)

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