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1/10/2004 2:14:17 AM

we are the ufos

look up thomas townsend brown and tesla, also look up (don't laugh), nazi flying saucers.

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subject: we are the ufos

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1/10/2004 11:55:57 AM

Well yes and no i think. Its no secret that alot of ufo's reported are infact ifo's in the form or secret aircraft, planets, stars, meteores, ballons or whatever. Im sure the B2 and F117 caused many people to proclaim they had seen Alien craft for sure. But still, there are a small % of cases that show objects moving, changing shape even exploding in front of peoples eyes. Im pretty convinced these arnt military aircraft, probes or droids. However Aurora is causing a bit of a stir, with many sightings. But what about radar images and trackings that freely move into and outside our atmosphere? What about changes in direction that seem simply impossible?

1/11/2004 7:29:07 PM

I agree with Kieran.

I suspect that in addition to the "known" projects such as Aurora, there are others that have escaped attention. For example, I wonder if the government has used holography to project images of UFOs, etc., in an effort to test public reaction. There are numerous other ways the government might create dummy UFOs to learn how the military of other countries might respond.

On the other hand, the clear alarm officials have shown in the face of sightings, and the ridiculous lengths they have gone to to bamboozle the public (three different reports explaining the Roswell incident), suggest that there are some things the government cannot understand, or control.

2/5/2005 10:17:07 PM

How about UFO reports and drawings of from thousands of years ago????

2/7/2005 8:36:47 AM

I agree with some of what has been said here. However, the Nazi UFO thing is nonsense. From what I understand is that much of this has been propagated by people who want to sell books, etc... to make money. There doesn't appear to be much evidence that the Nazi scientists had any real involvment in UFO development. Hell, they couldn't even come up with a new sub. after we figured out how to blast their U-boats to their watery graves! And if I am not mistaken, we invented the the A-Bomb.

Knights Templar
10/11/2006 12:54:24 AM

Well as for the negativities about german Uboats..Arent you aware of the last newest Uboat at the end of the war that was superior to any allied submarine...Had a anti radar coating and improved snorkel with a deeper dive deph plus improved batteries.

10/13/2006 6:59:56 PM

I honestly think the Nazi's and the aliens were secretly allied, but at some point the Grays abandoned them. I believe it was because guys like Hitler, Hess, Himler, & Heydrich were far to radical for the more conservative aliens, who are careful to cover all their tracks, whereas the Nazis left great messes and destruction in what ever land they conqured. Plus the Nazis wanted to create a "perfect" race by eliminating all other "inferior" races, whereas the aliens wanted to create a perfect race through specialized breeding and the creation of hybrids, which went against the Nazis method. The conflict of interests edventually led the aliens abandoning the Nazis.

  Replies 1 - 6 (out of 6 total)

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