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Scott Johansen
1/10/2004 3:58:37 AM

Can anyone tell me?

I read about hundreds and hundreds of sightings that happen everyday and it seems that there are so many different spacecraft and so many different descriptions of the beings that are seen. Yes usually we get the greys and the blues but I have heard everything from 7-9 foot giants with mettalic clothing and bee keeper maskheads to tiny greenmen.They are all telepathic however. Do you think that more than one species is making its examinations,taking geological surveys? Do you think that our government sees them as a threat or an ally? Or perhaps both.
Also since there is published evidence as to not only the dimentions of some of these crafts but the construction materials as well isn't it likely that our any defense department would be trying to duplicate these crafts via their access to the greatest minds that mankind has to offer.? If they have already found red liquid cadmium,pure silicone and sheets of pure magnesium with amplified magnetic value and a lot more. What are the chances that they have at least been able to duplicate some working craft that may act similarly.Could this be another reason why there are so many shapes and sizes?
I'd love to hear some ideas.

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Robert L. Sharp
1/10/2004 9:07:12 AM

You ask if there are more than one species visiting us? I have read accounts
from many sources that state there are, or have been, as many as 18 different
types of entities or species that have checked us out. Makes one wonder!

1/10/2004 11:29:49 AM


I'd love to check out some of these sources. Can you remember any materials and the credibility of these authors.?

Robert L. Sharp
1/10/2004 11:55:08 AM

I can't recall precisely where I read or saw this information, but I will put
on my thinking cap today and see if I can come up with an answer for you.
It could have been on the Discovery channel when they were doing a piece
on UFO's, or possibly the History channel.
I also have a good library of UFO related subjects by authors such as:
Budd Hopkins, Kevin Randle, Courtney Brown, etc, so I could have read it
there. But If I remember right, it was from one of the daily emails I get from
CAUS. Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. There is a man in Sedona, Arizona
by the name of Peter A. Gersten, who is called the UFO Lawyer. He sends
daily emails to the members, me included, about all of this stuff about UFO's,
the end times, and a ton of other things that are quite interesting.
If you would like to get on the list to receive information, it is quite painless
and simple. Simply fire off a email to: ufolawyer@caus.org. Just give your
name and email address, and you will start getting these things daily, Monday
through Friday, and one on Sunday. I believe I read about the 18 different types
of "visitors" at this site.
Robert L. Sharp

1/11/2004 8:47:40 PM

I think a guy in the disclosure project video said the goverment has catalogued as many as 64 species here is the link to the video...... http://www.netro.ca/disclosure

Here are some other great links.


Scott Johansen
1/11/2004 9:00:44 PM

Robert thank you for all of that great info. I got on the CAUS list. Also looking up some of those authors.Thanks again Oh and thanks to skeptic/believer also those are great links.

Very much appreciated.

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