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4/1/2004 11:00:24 PM

No question

Why is this board even here. UFO's have and will be a part of history for as long as history has been kept. The question you should all be debating is WHAT ARE THEY?
Are there UFO? Absolutly not! Just look at the 40 million web sites, pictures, videos, astronauts, presidents.......why dont some of stop sitting at your computer puking up utter nonsense (Don Tango you have to be the biggist idot on in the entire solar system, I don't think an alien would waste it's time shitting in your head to fill that empty space) and take a look up at the sky once in awhile. You might be surprised at whats going on daily all over the world.

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subject: No question

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4/6/2004 9:05:46 AM


Don Tago
4/7/2004 9:10:26 PM

Oh Mr UFO hunter..

I do look in the sky, all the time...i am a part time astronomer, so i can tell you the name of every major star in the sky, so i am quite aquainted with the lights of the night. However, i do not spend time looking for things that are not there. I know the logic and the science behind the probability of UFOs being here, and aliens visiting our world. How can any logical person think, after more than nearly 80 years of these supposed sightings, there has been no REAL contact, no sort of "official" visiting, no "legitamite" documented cases. Just these fuzzy pictures, questionable eyewittness accounts, and ridiculous claims that aliens live among us, and we are constantly being visited by over 60 aliens species. Yet, after 80 YEARS, there is NO solid evidence, simply the flimsy trash which i mention above. You should know that pictures can be doctored, video can be altered, and that eyewitness accounts do not mean a DAMN thing in the face of REAL scientific contradiction. its been 80 YEARS, show me SOMETHING concrete for crying out loud. And dont give me the trash about "aliens are only revealing themselves to a select deserving few" or "the aliens have decided we arent READY yet for a full revalation".....like aliens are really making the conscience decision to fly thru the sky at JUST the right time to reveal themselves to some po-dunk hick living in the middle of Nowhere-ville, even though they supposedly have the ability to defy not only RADAR but have the ability to be UNSEEN by humans. You are beating the dead horse here. you have used all your old tricks and weve seen up all your sleves, the gag is OVER.

4/8/2004 4:18:19 AM

Mr Tago please look here http://www.ufophysics.com

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