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Scott Johansen
1/10/2004 4:48:27 AM

Why are we wasting time on Tago

As I read these threads I wonder why everyone is wasting so much time on someone who will not accept that these crafts or phenominon exist, regardless of the evidence.

I have seen Republicans that are more open minded. Do yourself a favor. Back out of here, look at all the postings, and then look to see how many people and how much precious valuable time is being spent arguing with someone that obviously is trying to work against you.. Yes, he's intelligent and yes every good forum needs a Devils advocate. However, I simply will not give my time, energy or commentary reading about arguements with him. This will be the last time you hear about him from me. I don't mean any offense Tago I just wonder what your doing on this website.You are probably a very nice person. But I see a lot of people with a lot of great ideas and theories and I feel you are holding up our energy that could be better used in advanced thought.This ,I thought this was a freethinking forum and I didn't come to this site to try and argue about something that's as obvious as the fact that germs cause sickness. I'm certain you will have a comment and probably have a tally chrt on how many people you were able to get to argue with you. I must wonder though what your true intentions are for being here. You are obvously one of the smartest people in the forum and with all of that intelligence I find it hard to believe that you can actually reason these things away. It's not like seeing a picture of bigfoot!!!! Well anyway that enough about that.Onwards and upwards for me at least. Maybe you guys like arguing with him I don't know. Just don't expect me to be a part of it.I truly wish you could dismiss the doubters and get to work.

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subject: Why are we wasting time on Tago

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5/13/2006 7:57:34 PM

We're humans (well, atleast I think we are), and if theirs one thing humans are good at, its wasting time. E-Mail me at hanger18@zoomshare.com

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