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Curtis Lee
1/10/2004 6:04:44 AM

The Reality of Interstellar Life, Multiple Dimensions and Time Travel...

The Truth, about the Abundance of life throughout the Cosmos

I am not a scientist, or even a college graduate. I am simply a long time
paraplegic, ( Paralyzed from the waist, since 1975 since many folks do not
have a clue, what the word, paraplegic, means, due to the poor education
system, in the, U.S.A., and much of the rest of the planet earth. ) But what
schooling , I did receive, grades 1 thru 12, in Joliet, Ill. beginning in 1956, and
continuing, to my graduation, from Joliet, East Highschool, in 1968, taught me
logic, reason, and insight, as well as objectivity. Hopefully, you will be im-
pressed, by this composition enough to open your minds to the possibility
that what I say here is the absolute truth, because it is, and it is important
that many of you who read this, believe it. Because, you see, we are
approaching a time of great change. The Aztec, calendar, has predicted that
it will happen, by the year 2012, and it may happen sooner.
But, you say, " What do the alleged predictions of the Aztecs have
to do with what is happening in the world today ? " Well, many folks, around
the world, including myself, beleive that Jesus Christ, was resurrected, to
travel, and continue His Ministry, following His Crucifixian. My highscool
Senior English Class, term paper, was focused upon the Historical evidence,
concerning the fact, of Jesus' Resurrection. But, I have learned since then,
thank God, that Jesus is not the only way to know the CREATOR. All major
organized earth religions, including Budhism, Islam, Native American, Hindu,
Judaism, and perhaps some others, state that there is One CREATOR, of
all that is.
I do not attempt, therefore, to convert anyone to my own, faith, but
accept that there is, but one CREATOR. He/She is perfect in every imaginable
way. He/She, is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent. He/She is way
above racism, religious, or sexual preference, and has LOVE for all of HIS/
HER creation. GOD/GODDESS is LOVE, and much more. HE/SHE is the
Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.
Through the internet, I have befreinded, beginning in the year 2000,
a number of folks, who I am certain, were not born on this planet earth.
The first "extraterrestrial ", whom I encountered, was a young preteen,
female, who spoke in a chatroom with somewhat broken english. She
values her anonimity, very much, so I shall say nothing more about her,
accept that her home star is of the constellation of Orion, and that she is
intelligent, way beyond her years.
She introduced me to ARKLETAR, in 2000, who is also from a planet,
of Orion, and whose ship/saucer crashed close to Lockport, Ill., in the 70's.
You may feel free to put ARKLETAR, on your buddylist, and ask him to
verify, this, and tell him that the Sixtezhippyfreak refered you to him. He is
an old soul, and very compassionate, towards all living things. I think that
ARKLETAR, is what earthlings refer to as a Nordic. He has blue eyes,
light hair, and passes quite easily as an earth human.
Through spending much time online, in a number of chatrooms, I then
came to know, Cmdr Aleon, who is literally, "Back from the future of Mars,"
and who is a Member of the " White Brotherhood, " which DOES NOT IMPLY
RACISM, i must mention, but simply the White LIGHT of the CREATOR.
I have known Cmdr Aleon, since 2001, and he has been perfectly
consistent, since then, concerning his home planet of Mars, his allegiance
to Christ, Jesus, and has also confirmed many "New Age", concepts,
to which, I agree, but of which I am not a proponent. I am simply an aging
rebelious, soul who values the truth. "Just gimme some truth, all I want is
the truth. " - John Lennon.
Anyway, I have put many of these chat's, IM and room chat's, into
a book, which I have been writing for over six month's now, in a book,
which I hope to have published, soon, the title, of which will be something
like " The Online/ UFO Connection ", I have not chosen a publisher yet, so
any input regarding who would be an appropriate publisher, would be
most welcome by me.
I am very close to finished with this book, which will be well over
200 pages, and the importance of any money, which I may make from the
sale of this book is quite irrevelant, in comparison to the enlightenment,
which I hope that, it will provide, for many earthling, brothers and sisters.
If you have read all of this, you must be interested, in this subject,
and/or you wish to learn more, or if you have some idea, of whom an
appropriate publisher, of this book, may be, kindly IM me, or e-mail me,
at Sixtezhippyfreak@AOL. Thankyou.

Curtis Lee

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Robert L. Sharp
1/10/2004 10:28:55 AM

I too, grew up in the 50's and 60's. I was born in 1945, so I have been around
the block, so to speak. I graduated from a small high school in Western Nebraska
in 1963. I agree wholeheartedly with your comment about the USA having some
of the worst school systems in the world. If you take a look at the schools in
Japan and parts of Europe, they actually TEACH over there. My wife is a teacher
at a Jr. High School where we live now, and I have to be careful what I say, LOL,
but nonetheless, things are quite different from when we were in school.
In places like Europe and Japan, kids actually WANT to go to school each day, they
actually WANT to learn, they actually WANT to get out of bed every day and see
what the world brings them. Over here, kids are a different kind of cat.
My wife tells me horror stories on a daily basis about the types of children
growing up today, if they are growing up at all. I read lately, that if a Senior in
High School in the state of California could read a TV Guide, that was sufficient
for graduation. Geeeeesh. Can they do any type of math, spell, put a three word
sentence together without tutoring, or go through the day without saying DUH?

I also read the other day about a child in class somewhere that sneezed. The
teacher simply said, "God bless you". Well, the next thing you know, the school
had a lawsuit against them by the parents for referring to a religious figure,
meaning GOD. I love this country, and was in a craphole called Vietnam for
three years in 1966-68, and I wouldn't want to live ANY place but here, but I
really wonder just what this country is turning into.

I agree with what you referred to as the Aztec calendar. The date of 12-21-12, and
the time of 11:11, this world may literally turn upside down. I hope all humankind
is ready for this day. I hope I live to see it. I will be 67 by that time.

I wish you good luck in publishing your book, and would love to read it. If you have
read the postings by Clark McClelland, who was ScO (Space craft Operator) at
Cape Canaveral before he lost his job there, he is trying to find writers and
editors to get his book published. I have been fortunate to have emailed Clark
on a couple of occasions, and he has told me some hair raising stories about
how NASA and the powers that be, have practically ruined his life to some degree,
because he has had the nuts to disclose what he knows about UFO's, Aliens,
and the sightings by Astronauts, etc. This should be a tremendous book also.
One of the people who visits this forum by the name of Doc, has suggested that
I also write a book about the various UFO, sleep paralysis, lost time episodes,
and other things that have happened to me throughout my lifetime. I have expressed
the belief that I am not intelligent or articulate enough to do so. But it might be an
exciting endeavor for me.

I have another question for you. You mentioned names of various beings that
are supposedly from other parts of the Universe, and have disclosed these
startling revelations over the internet through chat rooms, etc. Are you convinced
this is real, or are you dealing with some dingbats that are living in a fantasy land?
I would like to hear more about this, if you don't mind.
Robert L. Sharp

Scott Johansen
1/10/2004 12:35:14 PM

I don't even want to go down the disgusting road of lower education. It's very simple the reasons wh it exists.If there is one thing in the bible that cannot be disputed it is that money is the root of all evil. Money equals power. Power equals superiority one of our prime male instincts as animals. So what do you do to stay in power??? KEEP THE PUBLIC DOCILE AND STUPID AT ALL COSTS. You would not believe the spider web of ways in which our government does this. From importing drugs into the ghettos.To the propoganda and brainwashing techniques of the media in general.
Who do you think runs the media. US??? You might want to look up the history of the freemasons. You know, that small and tiny group(sarchasm) that has their club insignia on the dollar bill and hides behind myriad of members that are actually good people oblivious to the higher secrets of their society.Freemason memers includeOH lets see. almost Every president we have ever had. Note : JFK couldn't be one. He was catholic.but Lyndon B Johnson who would have been in prison if Kennedy had lived was also.Billy Solestis. Earl Warren, J. Edgar Hoover john connoly. Shit I can Name two of the shooters and tell you where they were. SARTIS behind the picket fence dressed as a cop and his handle was next to him dressed as a construction/railroad worker.The other was Malcom Wallace who was in the book depos window and was supposed to be teamed up with Oswald. The other single shooter was in the storm drain to to front right of the car. and escaped eight miles away out of the storm drain. Any way unless we revolt none of this will change and who knows maybe it will happen by 2012. Which makes me very sad because I was really looking forward to our moon habitation project that has a completion target date of 2018. Bye the way does this Aztec prediction refer to Armageddon?/

Robert L. Sharp
1/10/2004 1:17:30 PM

You talk about money being the root of all evil, just wait until the powers that
be, instill the notion of NWO (New World Order). We ain't seen nothing yet!
Some folks will THINK Armageddon is happening, and no, I don't think the prediction
of 12-21-12 has anything to do with Armageddon. It will be a time when the Earth
progresses to another "plane" or dimension. Certain planets will align in a way that
will create unseen or unheard of phenomena on this planet. If you subscribe to
the CAUS list, you will get info on this very subject almost daily. And no, it isn't
the hairbrained scheme of one singularity, it is the combined information from a
lot of different sources. Certain "harmonics" will develope, and develope quickly.
A really tremendous book to read about NWO is titled: "Behold a Pale Horse"
authored by, William Cooper.
There is a lot of talk about the poles of the Earth actually switching. The North Pole
will become the South pole, and the South Pole will become the North Pole. The
earth will essentially tilt on its axis. Cold climates will be become tropical, and
tropical will turn into a cold ass place. Some scientists have thought this really
occured at least one other time around 100,000 years ago. It will happen again,
and, it is quite possible that the year 2012 is the time for it.

1/10/2004 1:36:56 PM

Robert Thanks.
I just remembered that 12.21 is my Ex-wifes birthday and I was certain that she was the anti-christ so you can see my confusion.
Familiar with NWO and not loking forward to it. Wish we coyuld prevent it and I am now considering buying property in greenland.HA HA
Thanks again,

Scott L. Johansen

Don Tago
1/12/2004 8:09:29 PM


I will agree with you about the school system in the country, its aweful. Bush would rather put money into making weapons than see the countries children educated right,. But i dont know what the heck you are talking about as far as aliens taking over human bodies? Do you wanna explain that any further? I mean i am open minded, but what you are talking about is absurd?....how would you even know if they were lying? what have they told you that makes you believe their stories, without a doubt? I mean, i dont know what a person could possibily tell me for me to believe without any uncertainty that they were a time traveler from Mars, or a visitor from the constellation Orion that had taken human form.!!!....they must have had a very convincing arguement! And why would someone from the constellation Orion refer to themselves as from the constellation Orion? The constellations we see here on earth are NOT the same in other places in the galaxy.

1/12/2004 9:54:49 PM

I'm sure we all thought that Don but leave it to you to say it. Cudos on another kill.

7/21/2005 10:44:11 PM

I'm wondering if anyone else finds it slightly ironic that this same person that believes he was talking to aliens online also believes in an invisible god.

7/22/2005 4:05:53 PM

I have a disablity to. So I understand were your comming from. But I disagree with your religious viewpoint.

Scott Elliot
7/23/2005 4:11:13 AM


Can you tell us more about -Clark McClelland? I have not heard his story. Does he chat in this room? Maybe you can tell us alittle more about what he did. I am interested in knowing. Also I am aware of the NWO. Its happening little by little right under peoples noises and if they don't wake up and start questioning what is going on it will continue. Which I am convienced it will. I am glad to see others realize it too.

7/23/2005 12:03:09 PM

Curtis, I would recommend you meet some of your online alien acquaintences in person before publishing your book, it may make you rethink things a little.

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