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subject: The Reality of Interstellar Life, Multiple Dimensions and Time Travel...

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7/24/2005 2:39:52 PM

hi Curtis
My name is Tumbah Nakakon, I droped out of high school to persure a more spiritual learning, which they were trying to destroy in my high school which lead to many of my friends to drop out, i'm a native americanthings that i have learned, seen, heard, felt.
oh ya ask your friends to meet you tonight, you know your intersteller brothers and sisters, or some third oppsite sex which may be possable.
I have learned that spiritual travel is the fastest way to get around the universe and through other dementional barrers, on so if you think about it curtis your not handicaped at all, the reason I know this is a strong medicine man that passed away resenctly, but before he broke on through he said that he has a spiritual teacher whiched appered as a winged human to him, and he literly traviled the universe without leaving his own home with a well informed gide, I know that some of us humans can't imagine this but this guy packed his own kicker from is own boat up hill at his mid 70's without any help,
but with great power comes great responcibility, he was not allowed to have any childern. Goa "Gorage" Boots was his name very smart guy.
Also ask if you friends have been to Trout lake N.T Canada.
and heres a quote from my grandma which is my answer for all 3 of your questions "the universe is infinite, so whats impossable?"

  Replies 11 - 11 (out of 11 total)

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