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4/3/2004 4:10:39 PM

Humans arent far behind aliens in terms of certain technological aspects

The aliens can make themselves or thier craft invisible. Humans can already make our jets invisible to RADAR and we are working on ways to make our soliders completly invisible by the naked eye. It has to do with bending the light in the background of the person. A way to do this is to "bend" the light by reflecting the image behind you by a man wearing a suit made out of thousands of tiny mirror pieces that adjust accordingly to sunlight differences and glare. Primitive early Nano tech would then blend and shade the remaining parts of the suit and create a visual filter overlap. The Nano tech would color in and shade to match the exact coloring of the background to futher make the person invisible.

This isnt perfect and you would see the persons outline if they were waving two feet in front of you.

2. Just like aliens humans can mentally control a person through drugs, hypnotic suggestions, and subliminal programming or other types of psycho-induced programming.

3. Humans just like aliens can pick a person up from the ground and suspend them in mid-air while using a powerful magnet - this has been proven.

4. Humans are now able to use lasers and energy destructive beams instead of conventional missles.

I honestly feel that we arent all that far behind in terms of technologhy. If every country got together combined our Research and Development efforts we would perhaps in a brief period match the aliens on all levels of technologhy. Humans arent prone to do that though. We like to split up and thus every country has to re-learn what another country already has learned in development due to not sharing thier info. The aliens probably arent fragmented like humans are and therefore are faster in development.

Since the discovery of microbs and cells in the 50s, we are now able to enginneer living microbs to kill a person in a certain way though targeting the body. This is called biological warfare.

We may even be smarter than the aliens. Humans fiqure things out very quickly I dont think many realize. Dont underestimate us is all Im saying. Maybe there are reason that perhaps even if the aliens wanted to take us over they couldnt due to our militaries might.

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