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4/4/2004 7:13:32 PM

Let's build one..

I've been visiting the discussion forum many times and I see many interesting

debates from Mr.Tago against the rest..

I'm really interested upon his views and answers to proof that UFO's aren't

real.. Against the majority is a very though decision isn't it?

1. About the being
I'd like to understand more about the organic thing which can't withstand the

9G pressure.. In my country where the sea is dominating the area, there are

many interesting animals beneath.. I'm not saying "fish" because there were

also "mammals". An animal with similar organs to us humans can withstand the

pressure in the sea.. In deep sea there are even more interesting animals.. I

guess we suppose that greater pressure needs harder body, right!? But there are

many fish in deep sea with "soft" body and some have very interesting

capability in cloaking, producing light, sense the movement around,

transmitting-receiving echo, producing electricity, poison darting, creating

clouds of ink (like a smoke bomb maybe), camouflage, smelling blood, etc..
Thats what I learn years ago in elementary school..

I forgot to mention, there are some animals can survive an extreme temperature

(hot/cold).. Maybe we tend to guess that in hot environment needs again a

"harder or greater body"? But as I know, there are also many little animals..

soft ones..

Speaking of capability to live or to adapt.. Imagine you're being struck with

water.. lets say 500000 cubic at a time at certain amount of speed.. I presume

we were all be dead.. Here, after a flood where cattle and human lives can't

endure.. I notice there are many lifeforms which survive.. For example the

thing we call as "lipan" (I don't know what is the english names, but maybe you

called it centipede or milipede, but we got 5-7 inches long), also bugs, worms,

maggots,etc.. Maybe "smart" wont save us every day.. What I want to point out

is.. An environment or condition, natural or artificial, which may endanger

human lives may however be a comfort place for others.. Though 9G is so

dangerous, there still possible a lifeform could hold up.. Not to mention if

they obtain an eksoskeleton..

And.. how if their planet gravitational forces were more than 9G? our earth

will be a breeze playground..

About 700G's.. A constant gravitation chamber is still possible to be made.. In

the sea, we can use a submarine with constant pressure chambers to maintain the

crew's lives..

As I found out that most of the problem is all of us were just guessing the

possibilities.. We won't found the truth until we meet the aliens itself..

2. About the ships
If we need an oxygen to breathe, doesn't mean they need the same..
If we have iron and steel to build ships, doesn't mean they use the same..
The vast universe is rich for resources which may be alien to us..
Our periodic table (you know the chemical stuff) may still not contain the

material we need to produce such hi-tech ships.. I agree with you that no

"known" ships from earth "at present" will be able to face a lightspeed

travel.. Metal fatigue will be the cause..

Every ships will need certain fuel.. How if they have the experience to use

those resources they found in the universe as the fuel.. Maybe the water, the

air, or a common beach sand.. It's all still a possibilities..

We still accustomed to ships with wings or triangular like shapes.. Different

culture will produce different ships.. at least a different painting (just

kidding).. If they found the first design of ships were circle like (disc

shapes) then the next generation of ships will based on the first one..

They may not invent shampoo or acne medicine.. But maybe in flying machines

they're more advance..

About a UFO crash?
I assume they're not using Microsoft Windows or Linux on their machine..
Maybe because a common error..
1% of error possibility still may occur though the 99% of possibility were a


Sorry, I want to say this one thing.. can you understand? (because I don't know

how to say it right!)
I believe we can make ourself "nearly immortal" (live forever).. but still will

be dead if being killed.. or burned..

3. About the culture & interstellar technology
The earth is rich.. but how if their planets were richer? How if they have

anti-gravitational crystals, flying continent, etc.. etc..

Some certain aspect of culture also must exist but not the same form.. We have

alphabet or pictograf.. they must have similar kind.. we have radio waves..

they must have similar either.. But we may not receive it because of different

interpreter. Maybe they use a different modem.. Maybe they use "packets" in

their communications.. Compressing or encrypting data so what we receive is

only a "bark" or a "cough" voice from outer space.. We use binary (2 based

characters system).. how if they use 60 based characters in their machines?

Western civilization has alfabet but chinese have thousands of letters.. Can we

break their codes? And how they communicate with their homeworld? I must say

"IF" they communicate.. maybe they're just charting the universe.. then return

to their homeland.. maybe they use a different spectrum.. But I must say won't

be effective due the distortion caused by magnetic fields.. If they do make a

constant communication, they must have build relay stations everywhere.. But

the universe is moving.. May not be economical to build relay stations where

they doesn't really live.. To chart a galaxy is still a possibility.. But to

chart a constellation will need a long-long time.. If you want to communicate

to other star systems, then we have to build a radio transmitter which can

produce a signal which wont be interfered by the sun..

But one thing for sure.. for an interstellar travel.. we will need a mother

ship.. a moving factory.. a moving city.. a moving fuel depot.. a moving relay

antenna.. While smaller ships must be just a scout ship.. a shuttle.. a

defender.. If the smaller ships can travel, lets say maybe

3.000.000-6.000.000km's away each sortie.. (just a guess) then the mother ship

must be able to cruise even further and faster.. Will you travel from USa to

Brazil in a scooter and a moto-cross bike? I prefer to put those bike in a van

then put the van in an airplane.. then I drop by in the airport, I'll cruise

with my van, then where the road isn't friendly enough I'll use my bike.. In

the city where small alleys exist.. I'll use my scooter.. Got the picture?
The distance will reduce the ships age.. Greater ships will be the best


4. Please Unite
We're dying to meet them but.. They may have a different policy from centuries

to centuries.. Maybe their policy now is not to interfere as much as possible..

Maybe they give a hint to our ancestors how we should live.. Flying machines..

silver coated "angels".. lights in many colors.. clouds with voice.. Travellers

from the stars.. Flying circles where holy man comes in and out.. A genocide or

war based by voice of the gods from winged vehicles.. Something inhuman must

have affect our life since the beginning of time.. Far before we found our

radio waves..

We should make a hurry in our attempt to reach interstellar flight..
Before our resources were depleted.. We must start sending people for

colonization.. Still economical reasons will be the 1st then scientific will

follow.. We're destroying each other for our pityful beliefs.. about god..

nationalism.. racism.. etc.. Hey brother.. we're sitting on the same piece of

rock.. If I must kill.. I wish it's not a friendly alien or another human..

Waste resources no more.. make haste..

==These pioneers

==== And these countries should follow
Rest of Europe
Arab League

=== While these should also be involved
Rest of Asia
Rest of the USSR
South American League
Countries Near India
African League

Will be a nice candidate to boost the space programe..
Just a feeling..
Don't be mad if your country were not listed..
I even doesn't insert my country.. It will be a pleasant surprise if the space

program is being done by United Nations.. Still, our technologiical achievement

won't easily wiped customs and ethnic groups..

We have to start mining and building everywhere.. Wouldn't be nice if we have

more than one planets?

I say we must line up..
Make people interested about space..
Obtain support as much as possible..
Then send it to our government..
Make a survey or anything..

One me and one you alone won't make a change..
Together we will prevail..

Pioneers wanted..
Who will be the next Magellan?
or Columbus?
or Yuri Gargarin?
or Neil Amstrong?

Mr. Rajesh Kumar how is your country doing?
Mr. Illuminati have any idea?
And Mr. Tago..
Your ability to provide answers is very sharp..
Doesn't agree doesn't mean not useful..
Different sided ideas can build new ideas or even better, a conclusion..

I don't care if UFO's exist or not..
But I will not wait until an alien come and gives their technology to us

Because it'll make us looks like a dumb..
We'll have more pride if we doing it by ourself..
Maybe if the aliens were very nice.. I can change my mind to accept their

If they can build a spaceship..
Why can't we?

Sorry if my words aren't appropriate in terms of grammar etc.
With an Indonesian hospitality, thank you all for reading..

Best regards..
David Yacobus Hengkengbala

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4/5/2004 10:13:53 AM

Im afraid they have already given us technology. Acording to Bob Lazer the US military was given nine flying saucers which are stored at area51. You need element115 for the gravity amplifiers to work.

4/5/2004 1:59:28 PM

Can't agree more. We should have reach the star before the end of the century if we didn't fight each other. Just for a reminder, the memory chip we use is also came from silicon extracted from a beach sand. For energy I don't know, but maybe some scientist can give an idea?

Have you play the Freelancer game? For wormhole may be too advance for us, but rocket or nuclear propeled should work fine to reach outer rim of our galaxy.

If the US found a planet, will it belong to the US?
We should make use of the Unoted Earth forces like in the movies.

I guess we do need a mothership, but may not be built here on earth. Why? because we already run out of resources here. So the asteroids may be useful.

Maybe someday we will extract Gas from Saturn.

Dave you use too many "maybe", but you give a nice idea!

4/6/2004 3:08:37 PM

I think US alone will be enough to reach space! Your concern is because several country you have listed has no capability in building spaceships, right? I think our best capability is to build WMD.

After think for aw hile.......
Guess we wont reach space after all

4/6/2004 3:13:41 PM

Thanks for the freelancer recommendation. Is that the Edison Trent, right? after installing and playing for 10 hours.. It's time to fight some blue shipped aliens..

The Wormhole with the superluminal travel is very cool...

Jump gate... naaaah... Impossible...

4/6/2004 3:21:30 PM

George, the area 51 you have mention and element 115 to work, is it real or just a crap?
I've heard for captured UFO but there's no evidence whatsoever. Got any picture?

David, do you actually understand about the G's?

4/6/2004 3:29:04 PM

Matthew my man, actually I already ask some pilots about how it feels inside a jet plane. They give a nice illustration how it's feel being "crushed" when they make a loop or hi-speed maneuver. I think they drove Sukhoi Su-37 or an F-16 if I'm not mistaken.

While for the pressure in the sea, if we go too fast to the surface after a deep diving, we may blew up... (theoritically)..

4/7/2004 11:00:05 AM

No Matt, Its not crap and I suggest you look here http://www.ufophysics.com check out Lazer gravity amp.

4/7/2004 3:50:43 PM

I've check that george, thanks!
I think david got the point in the crystal things and the cabin pressure.
But about the area 51, can you give me a nearly exact location, not just in a desert in the middle of nowhere. I mean area latitude longitudewill be better. So I can take a snapshot from above.

4/7/2004 3:56:43 PM

Rachel Nervarda Groom lake. You cant go as far up as you used to be able to, I will try and get you a link.

Robert L. Sharp
4/7/2004 4:31:29 PM

Area 51 is about 65 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is cordoned off for at
least 25 miles in all directions. And as far as flying over to get a snapshot, you
better be prepared to get yourself into some deep doo doo. Not recommended.
I would leave Area 51alone, and just try to find information on it by looking at any
of the search engines, as there are a lot of websites that have info on it, although
it may all be bogus. Please stay away from there, my friend, as it is not a friendly place.

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