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1/11/2004 7:22:08 PM

British Police Officers Sightings

Hi folks,

You may already be aware of this excellent site, but here it is for those who do not.


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subject: British Police Officers Sightings

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2/27/2004 10:20:49 AM

I am from the UK and I know of lots of cases like Ilkley Moor, Rendalshum, Alen Godfrey and the Horrible attack in 1971. join my forum! http://www.network54.com/forum/281323

3/31/2004 2:15:37 PM

the attack of 1979, sorry

4/7/2004 2:48:23 AM

http://www.ufocasebook.com/ilkleymoor.html-8k http://ufocasebook/ilkleymoor.html-8k- http://www.ufocasebook/ilkleymoor.html

  Replies 1 - 3 (out of 3 total)

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