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1/12/2004 1:28:17 PM

ufo's china

Why are so many ufo's seen in china?
Could they simply be American and Japanese spy plains or even china testing out rockets for the chinese space programe.

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subject: ufo's china

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Robert L. Sharp
1/12/2004 1:54:26 PM

You are right, China does have a lot of UFO activity, but so does the entire
Earth at this time. And as far as test planes go, I am no spy, but if I were, and
I wanted to cross another's airspace, I would want to be high and fast. Most
spy planes today, probably fly over in the 60 to 70 thousand foot altitude area. That is
12 to 14 miles high. At that height, they wouldn't be more than a small dot in the
sky, if you could see them at all. They most likely wouldn't show up on radar
either, with the anti-radar coatings they have on spy and military planes now.
Also, they probably would be flying in a perfectly straight line, with no lights at all.
As for UFO reports, what kind of maneuvers do they make? Are they low and slow,
zigzag around, turn on a dime, change shapes and colors, stay still in the sky, or
just what are they doing? If you had a compilation of reports, one might be able
to determine if they indeed are UFO looking at least, or possibly a spy plane.
Do they have any video or still photo pictures of any of this stuff? Who's to say
just what these are? We have enough trouble right here in the USA trying to get
a grip on this, let alone worry about China.

Scott Johansen
1/13/2004 12:59:50 AM

Richard as I mentioned on another thread Could not an advanced species mathematically advanced enough in the ways of governing dynamics algerythyms and mathematics calculate the self destruction of a species? Take a look at what is happening right now. We are at war with Iraq.The united nations did not sanction this.Hence we just madethe U.N.obsolete, murdering the entire concept of the United nations. With that one singular act of stupidityon the part of an inadequate and corrupt president,We have created a chain of events that will almost certainly take place. And I state chronologically
1. N Korea will threaten openly as a nuclear power.
2.Japan will approve more military deployments overseas since WW2.
3. this scares N.korea into blackmailing the US for aid.
4.North Korea as a republic asks china for helpagainst the U.S
5.China the most powerful threat on this globe as a nuclear power and a strong economy will seize the opportunity and attempt to dominate the globe while the U.S economy is crushed.And our forces remain overseas.and our country is resented by the majority of the planet.
6.WW three

including the possible use of nuclear weaponry and homeland invasion.
American military is under trained and vulnerable. I think we saw that in Iraq. And our homeland has never expierienced the horror of war within this generation.So in conclusion if you were an advanced species and saw a drastic increase in nuclear activity in a certain area wouldn't you like to know their progress?

1/13/2004 1:02:27 AM

by the way the first 3 of these events have already happened.

  Replies 1 - 3 (out of 3 total)

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