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4/10/2004 10:11:57 PM


[June 24 (1997) marked the fiftieth anniversary of the day UFOs were discovered, or else invented, whichever you prefer. On that date in 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine airborne objects, and the era of "flying saucers" was begun. Lost in all the excitement was a very simple, yet fundamental error. As skeptic Marty Kottmeyer points out, Arnold didn't say that the objects looked like saucers. Instead, Arnold told a reporter that "they flew erratic, like a saucer if you skip it across the water." Actually, what he said was that they looked like boomerangs, but the reporter's account called them "flying saucers." And since newspapers were soon filled with reports of "flying saucers" in the skies, "flying saucers" are what people reported seeing, not "flying boomerangs." Seldom has the power of suggestion been so convincingly demonstrated. Kottmeyer asks, "Why would extraterrestrials redesign their craft to conform to (the reporter's) mistake?"
Robert Sheaffer]

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4/13/2004 12:44:19 PM

Yes but the there are photo of saucers before 1947. Also the Roswell disc was manta ray shaped too.

4/14/2004 8:06:40 AM

Well, Well,
I have been aware of this interesting phenomena for a long time myself and my idea of it comes from a point of view I already know that you do not and most likely cannot share.

I can't deny that ufos and ets exist because the situation is very closely bound up in my own personal existance. And what I think about the situation comes from knowledge I have gained in my own voyages of discovery. When I tell you what I do know to be true you're not going to buy a word of it.

That said, this is the real poop and I have found it out personally. 1) The ets pretty much know what we think about things and have more than one way of gathering information , 2) The ships themselves are two classes. One class is perfectly capable of changing its shape. The other class just is covered with energy shields which can make it look like it is a shape that is isn't among other things.

The third factor is that, Yes, humans do tend to dub in what they expect to see when excited. That is why pilots are the best observers when it comes to ufos.

  Replies 1 - 2 (out of 2 total)

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