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subject: triangular ufo sightings

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3/28/2004 5:43:02 PM

I see triangles cruising my home every day. Everyone is getting tired of hearing my story by now but I will briefly share with you of what I know. The triangles you are seeing are actually flying discs. Flying saucers if you like. I know this because I have been watching these craft now for over 2 months. Since I still do not even know who I'm dealing with I have made no attempt to make contact. Be very aware of your instincts when you encounter craft because like playing craps you never now what you're going to roll, or in this case who is flying these craft. What I have noticed is that the traingle is very symbolic and everything the e.t.'s are doing has triangle symbology involved. The triangle you see in the sky are what I refer to as "running lights" to identify themselves. Sounds crazy doesn't it? I would say the same thing if it wasn't happening to me every damn day. Hope this helps with your question.

Robert L. Sharp
3/28/2004 5:50:04 PM

I for one, am not getting tired of hearing of your sightings. The more the merrier,
as far as I am concerned. Would you reveal what part of the country you live,
or what country? If you are seeing these daily, I would start snapping some
pictures, and getting a video camera hooked up pronto. Borrow one if you have
to, but get it on film.

4/4/2004 10:12:34 AM

Yes I agree, lets get the cameras rolling! I'd like to see.

4/4/2004 10:23:12 AM

some triangles are alien but most are secret projects and reversed enginered alien craft.

  Replies 11 - 14 (out of 14 total)

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