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subject: ripple in the pond

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Rick Sobie
1/26/2004 8:27:35 AM


Thats a good point about the eyes. Yellow or red eyes would be more scary than
the lens coverings they have, but alot of people are still afraid of their eyes
covered. Maybe they should have gone with big Bambi deer eyes and maybe
if they wore a pink ribbon around their neck with a bow people would break
out laughing instead of fearing them.

I can just picture contact being made and the contactee breaking out laughing
and with them going "What???"

or a stupid hat. Even a stupid hat would probably be an ice breaker for them.
But then the laughter would surely turn to terror during the inspection table
phase if they wore the nose and glasses combination or similar. I think you
want your aliens in the examination room to look a bit professional, you know
maybe a white doctors jacket or one of those reflector things. If they had
balloons on their head, you might thik you were really in serious trouble.

I should point out that not all examinations have been reported to be negative.
Some people have claimed to have been healed of ailments.

1/30/2004 10:04:41 PM

Many years ago when I was in Eckerds Drug Store, something caught the corner of my eye. I turned and looked at a book rack with Whitley Strieber's "Communion" staring me right in the face even though it was on the bottom rack. I instinctively picked up the book. The black eyes seemed to beacon me to its cover. I purchased the book and yes it was spooky to say the least. This is where I began a deep interest in finding out the truth. Now here is the strange part...the same thing happened to my sister...the beaconing black eyes drew her to the book while she was out shopping...we both had the same feeling of being compelled toward the book. DShe has her own story on the subject of U.F.O.'S and her own experience.
Here is the clincher...there is generally more than one family member involved in abductions/encounters. and it usually begins in early childhood. I'm not saying we were both abducted...it's just we share the same interest in this field and have the same feelings linked through thoughts and emotions on our beliefs in this matter.

2/1/2004 7:45:21 PM

Likes ripples in a pond, after awhile you cannot go back even if you wanted to, but that is okay life is great. Extraterrestrial presence does not scare me, is it supposed to?

2/1/2004 7:50:38 PM

Hi, How are you? I can solidly state that I am not scared of the aliens at all and I fully accept them. I think the fear factor is equal to how it would be if a bunch of humans kidnapped you in the middle of the night also. I look at a alien in my mind and I think WHATS SO SCARY?

Werent white people scared when they first discovered black people? And there are some white people who have never seen a black person before.

Or am I looking at this in a wrong context to your post?

Robert L. Sharp
2/1/2004 8:05:52 PM

Hi dimensionalstar and Llluminati:
Yes there are places on Earth where the races haven't seen others. One good example of that is in the Amazon, where the white man has never been seen.
At least that is true for some of the tribes.
As a matter of fact, some of these people have never seen ANY other race,
and don't know they exist.

And for the Aliens, that might be another story. If you had ever been abducted
by one, or a group of them, and I am talking about the malevolent ones, you might
change your thinking a little bit. The malevolent ones on Earth are obviously
conducting sinister experiments, that our government may know about, but
can't do anything about, because we don't have an open dialogue with this
group of entities. The other more benevolent ones, are the entities that our
government might be working with, and they are more friendly, and are not
conducting hideous examinations on the population. They are the ones that
are supplying this planet with good things, like how to travel into space, and
build an actual craft to get there, and will be the ones that help out the planet
when the time comes for us to "know". The other malevolent ones will do their
thing and zoom back to where they came from to wreak more havoc on the universe.

2/1/2004 8:07:08 PM

I think you have it illimanti people are inately afraid of something they do not understand, not that I myself understand everything but the idea of extraterrestrials is not scary.

  Replies 21 - 26 (out of 26 total)

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