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subject: ripple in the pond

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Robert L. Sharp
1/17/2004 8:16:03 AM

Two quick answers. Yes, I have considered regressive hypnosis to unravel
all of this, or at least part of it. That may be happening soon.
If you would like to read an eye-opener about the Bush conglomerate
and other key figures in this country and elsewhere, please read a book
titled: "Behold a Pale Horse" authored by William Cooper. It tells a lot about
our NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER) that is about to be stuffed down our throat.
Hang onto your knickers!

1/20/2004 10:07:15 PM


Robert L. Sharp
1/21/2004 10:02:41 AM

Thanks for the link. I didn't realize all of this happened to Mr. Cooper. hmmmmm?
Maybe it was (his book) a lot of BS. However, I don't think we can erase the
fact that such a thing as NWO might be coming around oneday.
Thanks again,

1/21/2004 9:12:28 PM

good anology . what is your name?

Rick Sobie
1/25/2004 12:09:37 PM

Re Cooper...

Once it is over, it is over. It takes a brave man to stand up and confront
a superpower.

Say what they will, smear him as they have, he told alot of truth,
and was just an ordinary American, who loved his country,
and died in the process of trying to preserve the constitution of the United States
of America which is pretty much a thing of the past now.

Evidenced by the dentist in Waco, who was hired to identify the bodies
of the victims, who found the children, clutching their Bibles,
where the FBI punched a hole in the wall with an armored vehicle -
as shown on the covert video documentary taken - and pumped in a flammable
gas, then ignited it, killing them, and most of the rest.

When he tried to go public with what he found - re the children, he was
arrested and held without charges, in a Texas prison, and as far as I know,
is still there, and has still never even been charged with a crime. At least he
was still there a couple years ago according to Freedom radio broadcasts.

I thank God I live in Canada, as today in the US, all it takes, is to be accused
of suspicion of terrorism, then its off to be tortured, in Cuba or elsewhere.

It makes the alien threat look like a Sunday picnic. No one has ever
died from that except for one lady, who died from some exposure to
radiation on a highway somewhere in the mid west. As far as I know.

More have died at the hands of the cover-up people. Karla Turner
being one I think who was exposed to radiation while being harassed,
and died of cancer. Or so the theory goes.

Although that doesn't happen anymore I don't think.

But then who knows. Dr. Dan Barusch, was apparently the latest victim,
as has been claimed, but he may be in hiding. Like Cooper,
he said if you don't hear from me, they got me.

Robert L. Sharp
1/25/2004 12:24:17 PM

I am familiar with the incident you are referring to. This death from
radiation occurred in Texas. Two women wre driving down the highway,
along with a young boy that belonged to one of the women. I saw the
pictures of this woman and the terrible burns and scars on her body.

A flying saucer landed on the highway directly in front of them, and
a terrific heat was emitted from this craft, that obviously was of high
radiation type, and the rest is history. She died a few years later, or
even earlier if I remember right. The other woman and the boy are still
alive, I guess. It makes one wonder why this type of radiation is emitted
from some craft, and not from others, as most people who encounter
this, walk away unscathed, at least physically. If I remember correctly,
this woman tried unsuccessfully to file a lawsuit against the government,
just for medical bills, and was denied of course, because this type of
thing just doesn't happen, as everyone knows. They don't exist...Yeah!


Rick Sobie
1/25/2004 12:34:08 PM

Hi Robert,

Right, that was the case I was referring to. When I was young I used to
like reading the odd paperback about UFOs and I remember that there
used to be more first hand accounts of people who touched disks
and often they got their hands burnt or similar.

Then there was Barney and Betty Hill, but as a young man with raging
hormones, the abduction by female aliens who had their way
with the odd farm boy, is what usually sold the paperback to me.

Robert L. Sharp
1/25/2004 12:55:39 PM

Yes, old Barney and Betty pretty much started the ball rolling, or, some
Aliens actually got it going. One aspect of their case that is kind of amusing
is this. Apparently, under regressive hypnosis, when they are both being
examined inside of the craft they were abducted to, one of the Aliens removes
Barney's dentures, and is amazed at why his teeth would come out. After
examining Betty, they were even more amazed as to why her teeth DIDN'T
come out, which makes the story even more believable, because who in
heck would make up a story about false teeth?

I remember an instance about a box full of paperbacks I owned on the subject
of UFO's and Aliens and so on. My wife and I were holding a little garage sale,
or in our case a driveway sale to get rid of the "junk" that one accumulates
over the years. I had maybe 30-40 books on the subject. I didn't know my wife
had set this box outside to sell. Someone came along during the day and bought
the entire box from my wife for a couple of bucks. DAMN!! She told me about it
later that night. Oh well. Since then, I have gathered quite a library of books on
all of this, and have a bunch, but still miss those old paperbacks. Most were
from the 50's-60's and maybe a few from the 70's, and I will probably never be
able to replace them.

Bobby Blue Sky

Rick Sobie
1/25/2004 6:20:57 PM

Hi Bobby,

Great story about the teeth. Imagine what they would think of Pamela Anderson!

I have one hard cover from about 1956. Saucer review I think it is called
which covers about a two year period. I can't seem to find it right now
but it was great to find it, and go through the old accounts.

Life was so much simpler then.

No one would have considered that a person would fake an account
at that time. At least not the general public. Debunkers yes.

One of the biggest debunkers, of that time period, turned out to
be a member of MJ 12


Robert L. Sharp
1/25/2004 6:51:20 PM

I have read the book you referred to. I found three books tonight that
are fairly old. One is from 1966 titled: Flying Saucers-Serious Business by
Frank Edwards, 1967- What we really know about Flying Saucers by Otto
Binder, and 1968- Is Something Up There? by Dale White.

And as far as Pamela Anderson goes, if the Aliens had her on the examining
table, I'm not so sure they would be looking at her teeth, and their large almond
shaped eyes might just pop out. HE HE HE.

And speaking of large almond shaped black eyes, I read just yesterday, and
it was from one of your postings about J-ROD, that the black that is seen as
eyes are probably just a covering over their real eyes, and that their real eyes
are yellow in color with a pupil that is vertical shaped. Interesting as to why
they would wear these. I suppose it is because of not being able to stand our
bright lights or sun, and, it could be because of the fear of seeing these strange
yellow eyes, although the black ones are scary enough.


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