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Rick Sobie
4/18/2004 1:33:33 PM

Where's all the nubian princess at?

I am thinking of trying to save some of the poor African girls from
all the starvation and desease that is killing everyone off over there
lately and could use some advice.

These poor people in S. Africa for instance, are highly educated
but extremely poor. So poor they don't have access to good drinking water
and as such are forced to drink bad water and ingest parasites
and these parasites live under their skin, and often lead to blindness.

Just throwing money at it, is not the solution.

I want to start a campaign to "save our Nubian Princesses" two at
a time, and bring them to paradise here in North America.

And I am willing to become a Mormon if necessary to do it.

Now unfortunately I am not a rich man, but I figure that I can at least
afford to save two, if I can get them through immigration.

What are your thoughts?


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