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subject: UFO Gravity Propulsion Theory / ???

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3/20/2009 4:49:40 PM

Blue Mountain Tracker,

I, too, am a "self taught fool." I have no science background. I don't take anything I read at face value. I like to explore the many avenues of thought and try to keep them free of pre-set notions. Logic is my guide. And when someone says something can't possibly be...well, that makes me even more diligent. I never noticed any "lack of intelligence" or bad grammar on your part. You're a thinker and that's all that matters.

Keep the ideas coming in...

7/8/2009 9:50:14 AM

Hasn't anyone read the really excellent book, 'Unconventional Flying Objects', by Paul R. Hill? I can't seem to find any evidence of it in most of the UFO literature I've read so far. Paul R. Hill was a NASA scientist for many years. His book is endorsed by Edgar Mitchell, the Astronaut. He explains how anti-gravity force fields are the only possible explanation for ALL of the observed UFO motion. It contains lots of physics which is over my head, but it also summarizes all of the principle ideas in plain language: changing colors and blurred visibility caused by X-ray ionization of the air as a result of the force fields; extremely rapid starts, stops and changes of direction which is sometimes so fast that observers think it is instantaneous and which sometimes make observers think the UFO has 'disappeared'; how the occupants avoid the effects of G forces (again, because of the properties of force fields; how the X-rays usually only cause burning for a few inches below the ground because the ground is an insulator which traps heat (tree bark also); why the saucers tilt before accelerating; and many other details. He systematically compares the possible types of force fiellds as to what observed effects they could cause and concludes that only a 'repulsive' (anti-gravity) force field could account for all of them.

7/12/2009 3:49:59 AM

most of the people who post here are self taught or from what they have learn't in other places .
1:no schools teritiary schools or any other teach about ufo gravity propulsion and or theories.
people have only picked up info from other researchers etc.
and as a retired nurse i dont class myself uneducated, i might not be on top of this ufo
phenonemon but i dont profess to know about this subject when no one and i mean no one can say ufo gravity propulsion exists it is only guess work on behalf of these so called professors.
they may be engineers who are trying to find how gravity propulsion works, and if and when they discover the answers i will stand up and congratulate them.
that's what it's all about is'nt it, discovery.
roswell is an example, no one has ever been able to say for sure how a ufo works even the people who were there when it crashed.
area 51 was one of the most exciting things to happen to the human race and even the retired people who have come out of roswell , engineers and scientists still dont know how everything works and they have the crash parts to examine at leisure.
the reasearchers are only guessing but i do believe that they did see a space craft taken to area 51 with alien bodies to examine.
most of todays technology is comming out of this crash site and i do believe they have manufactured their own space craft, but we wont know in this lifetime what exactly did take place there.
it's nice to be able to talk on this research forum the resident pest has overlooked this side , i hope

12/22/2010 9:59:12 AM

This might be of interest. Look at the circles in the base of some disc in UFO photos.

Go here and observe these photos:


Summer 1956. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 10, 1993. Australia

Also notice a common description on disc is rotating lights around the perimeter.

Now observe this animated GIF.


"For a ring of particles floating in space, a passing gravitational-wave will cause them to oscillate (image at right stolen from the Wikipedia entry)."

It's from a blog "The difficult childhood of gravitational waves"

LINK: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/cosmicvariance/2007/04/25/the-difficult-childhood-of-gravitational-waves/

  Replies 11 - 14 (out of 14 total)

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