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5/19/2004 8:26:24 PM

Looking for a site

Hello, i heard of this one site where you can download this screen saver. When you are not using your comp the screen saver, scans for alien transmissions. Does anyone know the site by any chance?

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subject: Looking for a site

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5/20/2004 9:41:55 PM

Here it is Nader!___Alfie


Robert L. Sharp
5/20/2004 10:35:25 PM

Alfie and Nader:

I downloaded this SETI site over two years ago. I have been analyzing radio
signals for them all this time. There is a screensaver that shows the progress
of the data unit being studied. However, one word of advice. When you have
the screensaver showing on the screen, and not minimized, it takes about twice
as long for the computer to analzye the data unit for some reason. After looking
at the screensaver that shows the unit being analyzed, I suggest you take it off
of the screen and let it do its thing. It will study the radio signals twice as fast.
This is especially so if you have an older computer, or the computer doesn't have
too many brains and a slow processor.

After you have the program installed, click on settings, and there is a box to click
on under preferences that will allow the data unit to run 24/7, with the screensaver
off. You don't even have to have the computer hooked to the internet when it is analyzing.

The signals are sent from the Radio Observatory in Aricebo, Puerto Rico, which is
West of San Juan. They are picked up by the SETI group in Berkely, California, and
once you connect to the internet, Berkely downloads the next Radio data unit for
you to store on your computer. After you have finished a data unit, you connect to
the internet again, click on connect with SETI, and your computer sends back to
Berkely the unit you have finished. You do all of this on your own schedule, and
you can work these signals at your own pace or leisure.

What is important about analyzing radio signals is this. Some people believe it is a
waste of time to mess with all this business of trying to find a legitimate signal from
outer space. Well, it is a fact that, if we DON'T TRY, we darn sure WON'T find one.

And the fun part of this program is, IF your compluter detects and analyzes a manmade
or creaturemade signal, and not a naturally emitted signal, then, you and SETI will get
the credit and the hoorahs for doing so.

I have analyzed almost 600 data units in the last couple of years. It takes approximately
24 hours for my old Gateway to go through one unit. Faster computers should be able to finish one in just a few hours. Once in awhile though, I will get a shorter unit or
something, because it takes me just a coouple of hours to finish it.

Once you finish your first 100 data units, SETI sends you a very nice certificate
showing your work with SETI. It is just a fun thing to do, and your computer does
all the work, and who knows, someone may become famous oneday for discovering
a legitimate radio signal from another planet or galaxy.


  Replies 1 - 2 (out of 2 total)

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