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subject: UFO's are not Real !!! Read this????

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1/14/2008 3:34:52 AM

Hey..!! If you say whatever progress we have made is because of extraterrestrial
then its completely wrong.

It is teh humans who are Reasearching continuously to get upgraded in each and every part of technology....
even today we cannot travel to Mars in few hrs but takes 6-9 months which is very long, though teh planet is at very next door.

If u say that extraterrestrial is helping us then i wonder how long they are taking to tranfer knowldege with their advanced technology to upagrade the human technology?


1/21/2008 11:40:40 AM

Hey Sudhakar:

Did you ever see anything you could not explain? If so you have proven that UFOs are real. If not then you are not qualified to say they don't.

4/14/2008 2:42:47 AM

Hello Lookingup,
No its not like that and you are wrong somewhat.
Though many things we have not seen but still we believe why ? because we have proper evidence and proof for the same.

Can you give me one proper eveidence for a UFO, which i think all 99.99% cases are forged or mock uploaded by many people.

Even if you watch Discovery or any documentary films they themselves are not sure what was that though they are linked with one many UFO researchers scientists etc, and how we poeple can say UFOs still exist.

I still believe there are no such things..this is just enetretainment by seeing in movies or fantasy etc.

So better think that UFO are not really visting earth.


  Replies 61 - 63 (out of 63 total)

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