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subject: UFO's are not Real !!! Read this????

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Aliens dont exist
6/3/2004 4:57:16 PM

You are absolutely crazy!!! As if you could have seen Aliens and talked to them and even if you had you should have told someone about it and it would have been all over the news if they had believed you so obviously they didn't believe you!!!

If you have met aliens than you would remember more than what you have said about them.

You are 100% a psycho!

6/10/2004 5:08:49 AM

Yes its correct that in such huge universe there is chance of intelligent life but to say that they visit on Earth is something uncovenience.I dont think so they will be coming and visting us and it doesnt seem any reason why tehy should come to earth......
Its true that UFOS are not real .there is no correct evidence of teh case till date.

6/10/2004 9:33:29 PM

I agree... Unfortunately there just isn't enough evidence to support UFOs visting earth. Every smoking gun the UFO believers put forth always have glaring wholes, or turns out to be some other phenomena.

I'm no going to rule out the possibility entirely... But at this stage in the research of extra terrestrial activity on earth, no one can truely say it is a fact that UFOs are here. There really is no true evidence.

For those that like to say "show me evidence UFOs do NOT visit us". All I can say is that we just haven't been on earth long enough for most stars to even see our light. Even at near lightspeed travel (and this is assuming that the aliens just packed up and left) it would take at the very LEAST 150,000 years...

There is also the problem of how they would detect our presence. We point radars at stars looking for radio signals. That works fine if a civilization has existed for a very long time... But we've only been emitting radio waves for an incredibly short amount of time. Also, the nature of radio waves is such that their power fades very quickly.

The only probable way for alien life to reach us, would be for them to have INCREDIBLY powerful telescopes that could see enough details on our planet to see our very, very ancient ancestors... But that it is highly unlikely our solar system would've ever been found, much less that they would have the technology to see the creatures that live here.

Ofcourse... all of what we know of our universe is just a big coverup anyway, and the theory of relativey was created to misdirect the public.

There may well be life out in our galaxy. Or the Universe. It is an AWEFULLY huge place. Or we could be the only creatures (that we would recognize as creatures) to ever exist in this universe. I think that is why research on Mars and possibly Jupitor's moon is so important... If there is even the minutes trace of life I think we can finally come to the conclusion that there is something else out there...

Has it reached earth? I don't think so.

6/13/2004 2:11:22 PM

Woo Woo,
I can follow a lot of your arguments, but some present more difficulty for me. For example, when we try to explain restrictions on space travel, etc. based on our current "scientific" perceiption of the universe. We have models that just keep changing, and really know very little.

I tihink we will all agree to the immensity of the universe (current thinking: more 125 billion galaxies in the visible universe, life - assuming a big bang - around 15 billion years). IMHO: definitely plenty of advanced life forms out there. It is typical of the "humility" of the human race to think that they are unique in the universe. We are just exploring our infinestimally tiny backyard - the solar system!

Could they be visiting us? IMO: One argument we can not bring is any restriction based on our current technology stage, No futuroligist can gaze with any credibility for more than 20-30 years ahead. Unexpected discoveries will crop up. Huge advances will be made in science when we can utilize artificial intelligence to investigate in areas where we reach the limits imposed by our brains.

6/13/2004 3:07:29 PM

6/10/2004 5:08:49 AM

Yes its correct that in such huge universe there is chance of intelligent life but to say that they visit on Earth is something uncovenience.I dont think so they will be coming and visting us and it doesnt seem any reason why tehy should come to earth......
Its true that UFOS are not real .there is no correct evidence of teh case till date.

They are visiting us because they seeded earth with their seeds-we are their off-spring.

6/14/2004 8:47:40 PM

"It is typical of the "humility" of the human race to think that they are unique in the universe"

The fact is; we simply do not know if there is other life out there. It isn't a matter of arrogance, or humility, it is simply fact. In all the vastness of our galaxy, in every corner of the universe WE may be the only beings, the only things we accept as life. You cannot say that that hypothesis is unlikely, because we have absolutely nothing to base it off of, since we have no proof of life on other planets.

On the other hand, the galaxy could be TEAMING with life... The universe may have billions of intellgent races... many of which could be in contact with one another.

The simply fact is, until we have something to weigh our existance with the rest of the universe, we CANNOT know how common life is.

If we find microbes on Mars that will definitely sway the theories in the direction of life elsewhere in the universe, although depending on what we find, we may have difficulty in determing if this life originated from earth or not.

It is true... As technology becomes more and more advanced, many theories are scrapped to make way for new ones. However, there are some things we are almost invariably sure of. No matter how advanced a civilization is, LIGHT will still travel in the same speed. There is no "other technology that could allow them to see us faster".

We have scanned many close start systems for radio waves, and have noted that many do not have planets orbiting around them.

Many of the only star systems that *might* have life on them have never heard our radio waves, nor have seen the light we first reflected when humanity first came into its own.

The theory that aliens created us is based almost entirely on evidence that is misinterpreted. Sure, it COULD be possible. There are MANY things that could be possible, but there is no reason to jump from the most logical explanations unless you have good reason.

6/15/2004 7:15:17 AM

Woo Woo,
We both have our own way of seeing things which is OK. If persons agree with each other all time, there is no discussion. It seems logical to me (which does not imply it need seem so to you..), that for reasons mentioned above, while it is possible we are the only lifeforms in the universe, it is extremely, extremely unlikely to be the case. I know we have no "proof". Somewhat similiar to my arguments that due to the hundreds of thousands of ufo sightings the past 50 years, they can't all be hoaxes or mistaken identities (ufo in this context - object under intelligent control and not one of "ours"), so there must be ufos. You are more stringent and absolute in your arguments.

That we were created by aliens seems extremely unlikely to me as well.

As far as speed-of-light limitations. We do not yet know the implications of super-string theory, which postulates up to 10 dimensions. According to Stephen Hawking, neither rapid-space travel nor time-travel can be presently ruled out. We can exclude possibilities of circumventing the speed-of-light barrier by somehow making use of possible freedom to travel through the additional dimensions that are part of modern superstring and M-brane theory

The speed-of-light limit only applies to motion through four-dimensional spacetime. Perhaps wormholes are possible. Also there is no speed-of-light limit to spacetime stretching.

9/9/2004 11:39:45 PM

Ufos are very much a real phenomenon. That is not really the question. The question that needs to be asked is "what are UFOs?".
You asked why NASA or the ESA don't have satellite photos of UFOs, however they indeed do. There are numerous satellite photos of UFOs, espcially photos from weather satellites. Not only that, but most every space shuttle mission has filmed UFOs in orbit. Some of these images are so clear that NASA can't deny them anymore. They have simply begun to say "we don't know".
UFOs are not real extraterrestrial space craft in the popular meaning of the term. However they are ET, but are more a spiritual phenomenon, than a solid, "nuts and bolts" phenomenon. Don't get me wrong. I Do believe that there are real "nuts and bolts" UFOs out there. But these are few and far between, and they generally are only involved with trace evidence, and human contact encounters. I believe that these real objects are technological, and are built and piloted by a surviving group of Nephilim. Other more ethereal encounters are most probably just demonic beings, or demon induced hallucinations designed to support the UFO deception.
I also believe that the abduction reports, those which leave physical evidence (wounds, bruises, implants,etc.), are conducted by the real, physical Nephilim to search the abductees for genetic evidence that they are related to said Nephilim. This is to "tag" them for further use later, possibly during the Tribulation period spoken of in scripture. Possibly as part of satan's end time army to assist in the policing of the earth for the Antichrist, as well as the army which comes against Christ at His return. Of course why is just speculation at the moment, but much of the evidence supports my hypothoses as to who and how.

Christian Guillet
9/28/2004 1:47:03 PM

Sudhakar, you are so right! I fully share your view and I am also expecting some answers. Here is a message I posted in another forum for your info:
It is quite surprising to read so many arguments being discussed about Roswell when there is lots of written material on the net from serious and respected persons clearly explaining why the whole Roswell story is just a big joke!
The topic of UFO is so interesting that I find a pity to waste time on such arguments. So far, Tim is the only person that makes some sense to me.
I am surfing and surfing to find something that could convince me that UFO’s really exist because it seems that from all the testimonies there is probably a few people who have in deed seen something very special. So far I have not found anything convincing. I am so sorry to say that when I read Philip about his encounters with aliens, it does not sound like something credible, with all the respect.

Could someone let me know about a solid fact like for example a UFO seen by a lot of credible people at a close distance or a close picture from a credible person together with other people etc?

I would be very interested to discuss such occurrences. Why is it always one or two persons seeing an UFO in a remote area or a picture of an object 1-2 km away?

I have done quite o bit of photography to know how easy it is to produce a UFO on a negative.

How come that people spending their life looking at the sky through telescopes never came across something that could be reported on a serious scientific journal?

Awaiting your comments.

Best regards

I just do not believe in the conspiracy argument!!

This is the typical answer when one has no solid argument.


10/1/2004 4:38:09 PM


The nature of the UFO phenomenon is to offer just enough evidence to let you know that something is going on, but not enough evidence to tell you whatit is. The entities behind the UFO phenomenon do not want you to know the truth yet, it would mess up their plans.
They will reveal themselves soon enough though.

  Replies 11 - 20 (out of 63 total)

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