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subject: UFO's are not Real !!! Read this????

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4/14/2006 1:04:19 AM

Hello Apple 100,
Its not point of open mind or closed mind.......
Honi honeka kuch bhi ho Saktha hai..UFO na bhi ho sktha hai ....heheheehe

Its the Topic of UFOS , Fact and Factors available on earth with human kind a proper evidence.

I dont see any evidence which can full proof say that yes
"This this a perfect UFO image or aliens have visited earth "..

I know the two cases you mentioned above but have you watched the same document when they showed on DICOVERY Channel (1 hr show).....which is worth watchable.
If you see that , ur concepts of believing UFO will be decreased...

As you mentioned the people above are definately par in qualification and experince as compared to me.....but it may happen that they may have been mistaken or some misconceptions during viewing it and Mistakes can happen with a small to big person toooo.....


4/15/2006 6:01:47 PM

I have not seen the documentary, but I have read of the accounts in great depth together with disection of each report and interview of military personel.

Best not to judge before you examine the evidence...otherwise you there can be a miscarriage of justice...or a Salman Khan Case.

So...read Above Top Secret...Alien Liasion...and Open Skies CLosed Minds. Then post back...ONLY after you have read these 3 books.

Not...I dont accept your reasoning. I still think that the following individuals (who are more qualified than you and have REALLY investigated UFO's as opposed to watching TV documentaries or reading books) are RIGHT!!!

Dr J Allen Hynek
Dr Jacques Vallee
Dr John E Mac
David Jacobs
Budd Hopkins
Astronaut Gordon Cooper
Timothy Good
Ministry of Defence - Nick Pope
x-head of UK of defense Lord Hilton
KGB head Ridhil Karchove
Jenny Randles
Nuclear Physicist Standon Friedman.

If ANY of the above guys believe there is something in the skies that is not of this earth, than I must believe them MORE than you.

The End

5/15/2006 10:47:23 AM

that is all wrong!!!! nasa and places like that have got photos and videos from space ive seen them. i cant believe that people like you dont believe!!!!!!!!!

5/16/2006 6:29:29 PM

Hello Foxy_bowlchamps,
I see......Its not question of believing the UFOS, its whether they really exist or not. May you have not read the news in last week on www.bbc.c.uk and click on link science and nature, its clearly mentioned that there is no alien forms of life in space and even they have a good eductaional document to prove that.
I suggest u go through the site and somwhere in last week i.e 8th May06 to 15th May06 , u can read the whole story that all this aliens and UFOS are not true and this is jsut fanatasy and entertainement for some of them....................................

thats i have to say from the document i have read..

if you have anything to say after reading this then please proceed.


Space God
5/17/2006 4:09:56 AM

Well well well. An expert on the UFO subject after reading the BBC website. Sounds like a HYBRID (bad one)

BBC=MIB. Debunkers? The worst. Gettit?

So listen SUCKERTAH, stop DEBUNKING and start learning. Read this forum if you want the truth.

Come back when you have grown at least half a brain. (Not HYBRID)


5/20/2006 7:31:43 PM

I like that fact that you listed your argument, but I hate to say, it, all of your claims are worthless. Just read some of the articles on this website.
E-Mail me at hanger18@zoomshare.com

5/22/2006 4:22:31 AM


I believe you are an Indian. Not sure if you are from India or elsewhere.

I live in India and recently saw an alien in the forests near to a small town called Karkala.

Before seeing this alien creature, I too used not to believe in all this. But now I am sure they exist.

I have taken some photos and posted on the General Discussion.

Many people do not still believe but that is unavoidable. Each one unless they see for themself cannot believe it.

Same with me...Same with you

Alien Hunter

5/22/2006 7:41:22 PM

Hello Mr. Space God, Mr. Chicken and Mr. Alien Hunter,
See all of them we are here to discuss whether the Real UFO are existing or not OR in other words aliens are visting this earth or not.

In my questions posted i mentioned we r not only unique in the universe as human being, but there will forms of different lifein space but i am still concerned and have not got a any proof that aliens are existing or UFOs are visited by earth.

See i have read many books , websites, and even watch documentary films etc. but all of them has the reason to say this UFO is a fake one or alien seen can be any animal in the forest.they have provided a proper evidence which says that this can said that UFOs are not real.

Last year some time, the military people of Mexico have seen the objects which were termed as some unidentified objects that have never been seen, infact they released a video film, but what happened it was termed as some russsin secret aircrafts were on patrol. So everthing has a reason to say that it is not a UFO and you all people are saying that its UFO are still exist ...how to belive it...can u give me one proper evidence on this earth..firget abt photographs i dont see any realy one all are fake ones....

Mr. Space God : I dont think that with the name giving space god u know evrthing and i deny it wht u say....if BBC says NO to the aliens lifes then where are these researchers of UFO Specially SETI guys, scientists from all over the world why they didnt prove the correct forms and docs , photos of UFO.....is this means that with UFO topic we are just entertained...its not like that ..there is no proof of as such with scintists too..So please belive it or not remove from ur brain that UFOS are not existing and no more visted on the earth
Dont take in wrong way but please ..beleive there are no UFOs

Mr. Chicken : i think u are very much new to the UFOs so please i suggest you do dome reaserch on famous topics like Russel case or even any famous CANADA conutry case.

Mr. Alien Hunter: Yes i am Indian but currently in Tokyo ..so may you have seen any animal in the forest which we are not very used to it and u concluded that its a alien...no its not possible..but then have u able to see it again may be not and wothout seeing for second time u concluded that its a ALIEN..no no no no its not posible..try to find possible facts if u have got mistaken anywhere and cases that this may happen and find other options and u might come to conclusion that it was not a alien for sure...

If you have anything to say then please proceed all of them ....I am still belivieng that athere are no UFOS....and no alien lifes ..please provide me with proper evidence


5/28/2006 6:56:24 PM


With all due respects to your opinion and conclusions, you know as well as I that
there's no quick or brief way to explain why I think your conclusions may be
somewhat narrow and limited..

If your research had been as extensive as you suggest, you yourself could not so
easily dismiss some rather excellent compelling (historical) cases which have
stood up to some rigid confrontation by skeptics and debunkers alike.

Many times, despite how compelling a case may be, it may be alot easier to just
toss all the implications aside, just to be politcally safe.. by adopting the demand
for hard proof..

Consider for a moment that the 'hard proof' may already exist.. if the remnants of
Kecksburg can be hidden for all these years, you think other evidence couldn't be
treated in the same manner?

I'm not about to recite cases for you or their significance.. there's plenty on record
that you ought to be familiar with already..

..let me just say that some of those cases sufficiently demonstrate that there is
substance to this phenom.. and most importantly, some of those cases simply
cannot exclude considering the extraterrestrial scenario as a possibility.. to do
wo would fly in the face of being reasonable, in my opinion.

Believe me, I can understand the 'demand for proof' argument.. it's not totally
objectionable.. but too often, it seems to be an all or nothing type position with no
middle ground for reasoning...


6/8/2006 11:10:02 AM

the answers maybe found in our past

most civilzations of the past have reports of "star gods" that first brought civilzation as they know it to them, they were taught many things by these "star god" and as a result worshiped them by build structures and paintings that still survive to this age.

the most interesting question is, where did these beings come from? ancient paintings have suggested that they may have come here from some kind of craft. what we know today, we may have learnt it from them, knowledge past down from generations to generations.

the human race is a very new race compared to the older lifeforms on the planet, yet we appear to be the smartest of them all. nature does not create a single species to dominate all other species on the planet as this will disrupt the circle of life on that planet.

our evolvation appears to be "hasten". we appear to be an abnomallity on this planet. religion answers the question by saying that god created us. but then who created god? where did god come from? did god appear out of nothing? if so, what else came out of nothing? if there was nothing at the beginning, then how did something like god come about?

i suspect we will never be able to answers these questions, not by religion but by science perhaps. we never stop learning about the universe, unless you want god and religion to provide you with all the answers. in that case, why do you bother to learn anything new, god and religion will give you the answers. just live, to worship!

  Replies 41 - 50 (out of 63 total)

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