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subject: UFO's are not Real !!! Read this????

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3/13/2007 1:46:36 AM

Its not a fact but a reality where one cannot go on assumptions and prdictions but we people on earth should have the proper proofs and evidences to believe something.
So believe me there are No UFOs as such ....!!!!!!!

3/13/2007 9:38:29 AM


Ok, so where is YOUR proof and evidence? We can all rest assured now
that sudhakar has explained it all to us. The rest of the world can now quit
examining this phenomenom because he has so aptly explained it all to us,
and has the correct answer for all of it. So everyone can now go and play
tiddly winks or go on a picnic. I am relieved that we have the answers once
and for all. Thank you sudhakar. What an Einstein!! Way to go!!..


3/15/2007 2:41:40 AM

Hello MR OnWayOut,
heheheheheeh...nice to see ur mail...
I am just telling that it is a assumptions what we all as human thinking......

If you read my Posted article, i am not saying that there are no aliens or spaceships but i am denying the fact that they are visit on Earth..
So my friend please understand what i am saying and then go ahead ...

any comments Please welcome not a problem

3/24/2007 8:40:36 AM


You're right in stating there are various reasons for UFO reports. Some are misidentified lights in the sky. Some are deliberate hoaxes. Some are the result of overactive imaginations. You simply fail to accept one of other possible explanations: some are real.

If, like most of us, you only lend credibility to things you, personally, can verify; then you've limited your exposure to events that you and a few trusted friends experience. There is an estimated six billion people now living on Earth. How many "one in a million" events will you and your friends experience versus the six billion other inhabitants of this planet? Let's see, you - none, other inhabitants - about 6000.

I "know" aliens are real because I, "personally", had an experience involving them. I realize you can't accept this; but you should consider how much you are restricting your investigation into the matter by assuming you know the answer.

As for the governments that have the ability to track objects via satellite, that equipment must be precisely aimed at the appropriate time to record any kind of measurement. UFOs are not that predictable.

3/24/2007 7:54:09 PM

I would argue your points as follows...
1. That UFO are present and that NASA and CIA have plenty of
photographic evidence of their existence that is not privy to
the civilian populace. Strictly on a need to know basis, and you
do not need to know.
2. I have only seen two UFO in my lifetime and it is a rare occurance,
you have to be in the right place at the right time. Irregardless of your
expertise, you still have to be lucky in being there when a UFO appears.
3. I would argue that very early pictures of UFO are not fake, nor would
they ever consider faking them in the pre-40's era. Take a look at the
Cave Junction, Oregon 1927 photo of a UFO, one of the best even
given todays technology. How and why would someone fake a
picture in 1927, and to what model would they fake the picture to?
Since most reports back then were new, sporadic and not on CNN haha.
4. I would argue that the September 1994 sighting and encounter of
alien UFO of the first kind by children in Ruwa Zimbabwe would suggest
that people around the world that have not been exposed to mass media
coverage and influence by UFO nostalgia do indeed replicate what
others are seeing, witnessing and reporting. How would children
who never knew what a UFO looked like, or how the grey aliens with
big black eyes would appear, yet draw them with such knowledge,
unless they actually did see such alien/UFO.
5. Plasma discharge that illuminates air molecules around objects must
have some type of power source. Yes, the earth can create such
electrical discharges ie. ball lightning, but ion discharge/excitement
by gravitational impulses from UFO would create a similar display.
6. Betty Hill under hypnosis was able to draw the Zeti Reticuli star map
in 1961 after her abduction and it was not until a few years later that
astronomers were able to replicate her drawing to Zeti Reticuli once
they had finally discovered its existence.
7. I believe there is photographic evidence showing a UFO hovering
over a wheat field in England at the same time a crop circle is forming.
This suggests that crop circles are intelligently made by occupants
of UFO craft.
8. Early prehistoric drawings on cave walls show the existence of
UFO and alien presence. Perhaps they have always been here on
Earth, even before mankind was born. Who is to say that we are really
the aliens and that the alien/UFO inhabitants were here first to help
oversee/genetesize this planet.
9. Do you care about a culture or race of people on the other side of
the world? Do you have family members consisting of all race and
creed of people? No, so why not. Because you and most others
dont care about others outside your race, your mix, your culture.
That is just the way it is. Magnify this by 1000 given UFO/alien
which are totally different to humans of any kind. They dont care
about us, nor do they want to interfere. They observe, experiment,
learn about us. If we kill ourselves off with Nuclear weapons or
germ warfare, so what, they will just use other dna and form new
types of life on the Earth. They will always be here, will humans?
10. In the infinite vastness of space, the chance of anyone coming across
some Voyager speck is remote, afterall it no longer produces any
energy output for any type of instrumental detection.
The idea of it travelling in interstellar space was just a promotional
gimick for the average person like yourself, dont get excited about it,
I know NASA doesnt.
In conclusion, a UFO could land on the White House lawn and be
covered by CNN and it would not be regarded as news, simply because
most people would consider it a hoax in this day and age.
People have been mentally brainwashed as to ignore any UFO
story as being silly, fictional and not worthy of real news.
The general populace will NEVER be allowed to know the truth
or existence of alien UFO period. NEVER.
Forget such hope, you will grow to be a very old man never knowing
the truth. That is the only real thing for sure in this writing.

4/26/2007 11:42:05 AM

You seem to be very much into it analyzing whether or not there is life out there or not that is the question who knows you'll have to find out for yourself being skeptical might lead you down the road to disillusionment, if you never really questioned the authority then you need to start questioning the authority of the establishment to have declassification document which clearly state the UFOs exist they have been covering it up 50 years which means they have been lying to 50 years.

and the space race which is publicized on the television and in the university's is all part of the cover-up to distract you from what is really going on let's suppose that the aliens are evil and they've done a deal with the governments of the world and that the alien perpetrators and now living on the planets in the tens of thousands under the ground and the earth's population is enslavement to draconian principles.

Sounds like a good scenario for film doesn't did you see independent so did you believe it was real as I can assure you that it's an illusion Hollywood has been pumping out science-fiction films for years there always scary big monsters from outer space but there's a more sinister side to some of the films like alien is very nasty.

If your going to make a good paranormal detective come on and you can do better that that arguments for and against sounds very political if you would then go to court to prove their UFOs where real you get the proof it is reported that 1 billion people have been contacted by extraterrestrial intelligence if all these people gave their testimony at the same time would you believe them or even if he did see a UFO would you think you would dreaming.

Having a conversation whether or not the advanced interstellar space travel is possible or and are there of advanced civilizations out there in the cosmos trying to communicate with the human race having physical evidence of such things at this present point in time is impossible declassification of top-secret document both in America and Russia give proof that such things do exist.( UNIVERSAL FLYING OBJECT ) A UFO ?

My name is Caruana I live in London can you visit my website that was made for completely for new people interested in UFOs

Address is for Google www.radha krsna consciousness.com

www.radha-krsna-consciousness.com for yahoo and msn

7/17/2007 9:42:40 PM


No No No Still I believe there are no UFOS that are vistsing earth.......There may be Life outside teh solar system and aliens too..but still there is no such evidence which says UFO's are vsisting earth,....


8/19/2007 11:40:14 AM

nasa does have pictures of ships from the space shuttles orbiting the planet, even john glen former astronaut admits to seeing them

8/20/2007 9:53:40 PM

So if you say so then why not Nasa is displaying teh puictures to teh whole world and why that Astranaout is coming in public to speak out...

Whats the reason behind this to not share with world.

1/9/2008 7:41:55 PM

O.K. there are no Alien Spacecraft out there?, have you noticed how far we as a species have developed in the last hundred years. You go back 100 years and we as humans we still run the horse and wagon and in less than 100 years we are suddenly in space , on the moon and who knows where else?.
We recieved a helping hand and the world Governments arn't talking , you see it is evolutionarily impossible to be making the quantum leap progress that we are encountering every year without the help of extraterrestrials.
The conclusion is certain we are not alone and U.F.O'S ARE NOT UFO'S they are I.F.O.'S ( IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS)

  Replies 51 - 60 (out of 63 total)

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