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5/21/2004 2:13:49 PM

A 17yr olds viewpoint- Part 1

I've recently got interested with this subject and i try to read as much as possible even if my friends see it as anti-social behaviour. I think we're all interested in this because its a natural instinct to know the truth, to know the unknown. I have read so much and i can admit that the perceptions of ET's (regardless of their 'species') conflict to a certain point that one could adopt the theory that we are all fools for believing in ET's as we see them now. There is so much i'd love to share with you and so much i'd you like you share with me but i can only express myself with words. Some people say that they're will a 'staged landing' or an event of similiar form. But i find this hard to believe for several reasons that WILL come apparent to you soon enough as you think about what im saying (even if its absolute nonsense). I believe that we will come across ET's ourselves when we reach the ability of interstellar travel. I believe that the theory of ET's landing at this present moment or near future is silly because of i.e. the polictical state of nations and current affairs. But a landing could also be seen as the moment where all our differences will be solved by nice ET's. I believe there will be the bad ET's and the good ET's, its just natural for it to be that way. Sorry if im not making sense, im speaking of a stream of conciousness.

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5/21/2004 7:02:36 PM

If I told you that I saw something, a creature that went around in the dark with a dangling light bulb hanging from its head, and huge needlelike teeth your first thought would be this person has lost it. Now if I said I have proof, you'd probably believe me. Well here it is> http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Castle/7089/anglinks.html
Was'nt what you thought? Just a creature from the deep abyss. Well just think of E.Ts the same way, someday we'll have the technology to meet other types of creatures that live in other places, e.g., Deep space , parallel dimensions , Stars etc. I myself have never seen an alien or a ghost or God, It doesnt mean I discount them right away. Some people of impeccable character report observing these things, yes most are crackpots just out for their 15 minutes of fame, but even if one person is correct, just think of the ramifications! I am glad that at your age you remain somewhat skeptical , I believe that this is what keeps our society sharp, balanced, and focused. Dont swallow everything they throw at you.

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