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subject: Goodbye to all.......

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Rick Sobie
1/24/2004 4:58:06 PM

I think you are right. At least about 10 years of on-line forums has
taught me that when you approach the truth, and when these discussions
begin to get really interesting, disrupters seem to appear.

There is no solution other than to simply report abuse to the site managers,
when it is warranted, and to avoid entering into argument by ignoring
offending people.

If they are not employed to be disrupters, and it is common knowledge that
E c(skab)helon employs over 50,000 people to do just that.

So they won't leave if you ignore them, because they work in teams,
and sadly your tax dollars pay their wages to make your life a living hell.

Perhaps the best thing is to simply admit, that they are paid stooges,
who need to make a living, and have mouths to feed at home,
and to allow them their dignity. If they weren't here, they would
be beating up blacks or gays or writing manifestos in secluded cabins,
in the backwoods somewhere, doing much more damage.

So stay! And partake in the discussion. The grass is always greener
somewhere else, but sometimes Robert, you just have to make a stand.

Surely with your Cherokee blood you can relate to that.

One of the best forums I was ever on, was a script writing forum
housed on a university server, run by a PhD who specialized in
communications and writing. He set the list server up so that you
couldn't unsubscribe even if you wanted to.

It was tremendously successful. However it was destroyed by disrupters
just the same even with a registration requirement.

It is easy to hurt people. It is difficult to make a group dynamic work.

It takes people. Good ones. Working persistently towards that end.

This isn't just a forum dammit, this is all forums. This is for every man Jack
who ever saw a UFO and was afraid to tell his tale. This is for Vinny, you
remember Vinny, and Bobby and Joe, and little Timmy, with his poor crippled
leg, whose only chance of any sort of life at all outside of his dialysis machine
lies right here Robert, right here, in your hands.

Now you aren't going to dissappoint poor Timmy are you?

That's the spirit.

Lan Fleming
1/24/2004 5:15:07 PM

[[Perhaps the best thing is to simply admit, that they are paid stooges,
who need to make a living, and have mouths to feed at home,
and to allow them their dignity. If they weren't here, they would
be beating up blacks or gays or writing manifestos in secluded cabins,
in the backwoods somewhere, doing much more damage. ]]

At least they're not telemarketers. As everyone knows, they plant hidden surveillance devices in your house so they know exactly what you're doing at all times and call you just as you sit down to have dinner. :)

Rick Sobie
1/24/2004 5:15:09 PM

Regarding the problem with on-line forums, and again don't leave and start
your own when this is such a wonderful place with such potential,
but if anyone wanted to know, how to beat the disrupters,
it is easy.

And the same holds true for any problem associated with on-line discussion
and even e-mail.

The disrupters use equipment that does text searches. It was developed
at M.I.T. a branch of the Pentagon, and it is capable of scanning the Internet
for key words.

Trip the key words, they move in etc.

Soon, bitmap based email, and bitmap based forums will replace this
text based technology. The technology they have, cannot read text on a
bitmap, when it has a background image and the text is embossed onto
the background.

They would have to personally view every single email, every single

Their days are numbered as a result.

Want to get rich quick?

Develop this bitmap based text messaging technology and you will
become wealthy beyond your wildest imaginings, because even
128 bit encryption is not as secure as bitmap messaging systems.

Just my pence and a gift for all you would be entrepeneurs.

Robert L. Sharp
1/24/2004 5:52:59 PM

Rick and Lan:
It's really nice to have someone come into the forum and actually
say something, debate, give their views and relate to others their
knowledge or experiences. I did get a little pissed off one day, and
decided I had enough, and would move on. My Cherokee-Irish blood
got to the sizzling point and I wanted to scalp LOL a couple of people,
but, after cooling off and staying away for a day or so, it helped.

The people who want to ridicule us, and show their total ignorance of
everything, seem to have a keyboard that only types in NOTHING. They
have nothing to offer, nothing to debate, nothing to even argue over,
they want to disrupt everything around them. I suspect they have miserable,
uneventful, disinterested, nothing lives, and had the shit stomped out of them
in life, and need to get back at anyone who has something to offer.

Now, just who is this Ec (skab) Helon outfit? I have never heard of them.
And 50,000 of them? I don't doubt you, as I wouldn't be surprised if there
are actually more than that. But what is their agenda? What is their purpose?

I think it is possible these forums are constantly watched and monitored to
see who is who, what is being discussed, who believes in what, and
who might be unpatriotic, saying things about our government and so on.

I am probably about as patriotic as you can get, having served in Viet-Nam
for three tours, a property owner, taxpayer, married for 33 years, gainfully
employed, raised four daughters, and kinda like living in this great country,
as I have seen other places in the world that I'm not too fond of.

I have experienced this UFO existence, with many, many events that have
unfolded in front of my eyes for the last 46 years for some reason unknown
to me at this time. I know that UFO's and their occupants have visited this
planet for a long, long time, and hope that oneday before I send off the last
smoke signal, that something will be revealed, but I obviously won't hold my
breath. I might turn blue, like the river and lakes on Mars.
Robert OR Bob OR Bobby as they call me......

Robert OR Bob OR Bobby as they call me.

1/25/2004 7:44:21 AM

There are programs around for so called steganography. They merge text invisible into images using the low order bits of color components for the text. You won't see the difference in the image, especially if you don't know the original. And then it gets even worse if you encrypt the text before you insert it into the image. Just internet bandwidth isn't good enough yet so that we could use that technology satisfyingly for the broad public.

I disagree about text merged in a readable way with background images. There are already very good programs around that convert scanned images, regardless of orientation while scanning, into text. We use this at work for most of the correspondence with clients, paperless office.


  Replies 21 - 25 (out of 25 total)

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