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5/29/2004 9:51:46 AM


Im sorry, i dont have time to copy and then paste the entire text but you could research it. This order was given by Bill Clinton during his presidency (obviously) to NASA.

It uses the word "Alien" a great amount of times, as its not going to that specific by using the term 'extraterrestrial'. The actual content of the text is interesting but not as interesting as the purpose and transparency of this order.

If you conclude, once you've read the order, that it is in fact regarding extraterrestrials then post your views. If you dont agree with this scenario, then post your views anyway.

I'm undecided as the text uses language that can be interpretated in various ways.

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6/4/2004 11:48:57 PM

Maybe if we had a link we could see.

6/6/2004 10:45:45 AM

I think this order is kind of exaggerated. The order is referring to noxious weed and pest control, not to aliens. Although I think it is a little suspicious that the Department of Defense has a role in this order.

Who knows, it might be a cover. But I tend to think it probably is only referring to alien weed and insect species.

Robert L. Sharp
6/6/2004 11:27:04 AM

Weeds, weeds, weeds, that is exactly what this article is referring to. Nothing but.
It has nothing to do with ET's, Aliens or visitors to this planet. And it probably has
a lot to do with our governments exuberant program to eradicate Marijuana from
the planet, which will NEVER happen. If they would sit back and roll a big, giant
dube, and actually inhale, this sort of nonsense wouldn't even be published.
Again, this article has to do with noxious weeds, etc.

6/7/2004 11:30:12 AM

LOL I agree there.

  Replies 1 - 4 (out of 4 total)

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